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Bayonet AustriAlpin Cobra FX45KVD Comfort - Olive

35.72 EUR
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AustriAlpin Cobra FX45KVD Comfort - Olive belt by Bayonet. It is a lightweight tactical belt with quick release AustriAlpin ANSI D-Ring buckle. Made in high specification, buckles breaking strength 18kN (over 1800kg) and 36kN in combination with a fitting webbing, the minimum guaranteed load capacity of the cobra is 36 kN in loop configuration. It has a thicker release mechanism, thicker pin-term ears. It is not compatible with other clamps and panels Compact and Multi Compact. The buckle is made of aluminum 7075 (body only), stainless steel (pin, beam clamp) and brass (ears). Clamp mechanism prevents opening under load.

The buckle has integrated D-ring to attach during belaying or rescue situations. Whole meets ANSI 359 and CSA 259 ear is movable, but puts a clear resistance at the time of change of position.
This belt is adjustable that assures accurate sizing and can be utilized as an inner or outer duty belt. The Cobra locking mechanism is patented and guarantees highest safety. a one-sided opening of the lock is not possible even when under load. Bayonet Comfort Belt is a great selection for military and law enforcement agencies as well as civilians.



- S - 110 cm

- M - 120 cm

- L - 130cm

Camouflage / Color:
Olive Green
Fabric specification:
Main fastening:
AustriAlpin ANSI D-Ring Cobra buckle - black
The maximum load capacity of a buckle: 1800 kg
More information:
Belt width 4.5 cm
The maximum load capacity of a belt: 3000 kg
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