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Spaio Trekking socks AMICOR - VIAFIL Anti-Odor - Black

5.63 EUR
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Product features:
Socks size
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Trekking socks AMICOR - VIAFIL Anti-Odor of Spaio. For those who can not sit still in one place, we have prepared Socks Amicor. With the best yarn combinations they have adapted to the characteristics of your active rhythm of life. Distinguished by anti olfactory properties and bacteriostatic. Moreover, the presence of yarn Amicor inhibits the formation of odors feet. In addition, they provide adequate defense by fungi and bacteria.


Trekking Socks fiber AMICOR - VIAFIL prevent the development of unpleasant odors feet. Socks do not absorb moisture and, thanks to the special structure keep sweat away from the skin and keep it dry, assist in the rapid cooling of the foot by immediate evaporation of sweat.


Trekking socks AMICOR - VIAFIL Anti-Odor of Spaio:
- Puller with Lycra - provides maximum comfort and fit without causing undue oppression
- Breathable material - with an average thickness for optimal comfort
- Strengthening the anatomical - two sides protects against abrasions and irritations
- Internal puller - a security ankle and a matching sock to the leg
- Combining ultra-slim

Camouflage / Color:
Socks size:
35 - 37
Fabric specification:
80% Amicor, 15% Poliamid, 5% Elastan
Circuit regulation:
Non-constricting, wide welt
More information:
Flat connection above toes
Elastic bands on the foot and around the ankle improves stability for the foot and prevents sliding and folding socks
Reinforced heels, toes and shin are made of three-layer, terry profiled material which absorb shock, protectand increase durability of socks
Special stitch on the instep prevents sliding and folding socks
Surfaces increased emissions moisture outside socks
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