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MacTronic® Camping lamp OUTDOOR PRO 300 lm

28.78 EUR
Netto: 23.40 EUR
Product code: MAC-CLO-OP3-AL-01
Weight: 0.862 kg (1 pcs)
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Total: 28.78 EUR

Camping lamp OUTDOOR PRO 300 lm of MacTronic

Durable, waterproof battery-operated camping lamp LED. Works up to 6 days on a low operation mode and up to 10 days on a SOS mode. Thanks to the removable lampshade and a built-in hook it is possible to use it as a ceiling lamp. Very handy, energy saving and useful on every camping.

Camouflage / Color:
Fabric specification:
Operation time::
100% 25h, 50% 72h, 10% 144h, SOS 240h
100% 25h, 50% 72h, 10% 144h, SOS 240h
Light source:
3xNichia LED
Light output:
Light color:
3x R20/D
Operation modes::
Full: 100% power
Average: 50% power
Economical: 10% power
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