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MacTronic® Rechargeable searchlight 100W - Black

57.04 EUR
Netto: 46.38 EUR
Product features:
Recharge duration
Product code: MAC-SL-SL1-AL-01
Weight: 5.37 kg (1 pcs)
Availability: Out of stock
Amount (min. 1 pcs):

Total: 57.04 EUR

Rechargeable searchlight 100W of Mactronic
Rechargeable halogen searchlight that emits focused light with a range of up to several kilometers. Convenient base that allows to set direction of the stream of light, firm and tight housing are additional benefits of the spotlight. It also has 2 independent light modes (2 switches) and a nylon carrying belt.


365 mm x fi 176 mm

Camouflage / Color:
Recharge duration:
Operation time::
40 min
Light source:
halogen 12V 100W
Light output:
10 mln cd
Light color:
Charger 230V AC, 12V DC;
Rechargable battery 12V/7,0Ah
Operation modes::
focused light
dim light
More information:
Water resistant
Oil resistant
Shock resistant
Arm strap
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2013-07-19 10:15:05
How many lumens are in a 100 watt? 100 W tungsten incandescent (220 V): 1380 lm 100 W tungsten incandescent (120 V): 1750 lm
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