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MacTronic® Guardsman EXPLORER XP-G R5 LED - Aluminum rechargeable torch - Black

92.24 EUR
Netto: 74.99 EUR
Product code: MAC-FL-GE4-AL-01
Weight: 0.284 kg (1 pcs)
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Total: 92.24 EUR


Guardsman EXPLORER XP-G R5 LED - Aluminum rechargeable torch with rubberized handle and a crown of Mactronic.Medium-sized rechargeable torch designed for professionals. Located in the set - a docking cradle - has a emergency light system - 6 LED light up during power outage, making it easier to find a torch. Each lantern has a unique serial number. The torch is extremely durable, made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum with a reinforced casing. To improve the grip handle was covered with a rubberized finish for easy use with gloves on or during the winter. Suitable for use in harsh environment, shockproof with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens resistant to scratching. It is also waterproof (IP65).



176 mm x fi 58mm







Camouflage / Color:
Fabric specification:
Aircraft grade aluminium
Operation time::
100% 2h, 30% 8h
Light source:
Light output:
Light color:
Charger 230V AC, 12V DC;
Li-ion battery
Operation modes::
Full: 100% power
Strobe function
Average: 30% power
More information:
Water resistant
Oil resistant
Shock resistant
Docking cradle
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