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Esbit® Aluminum Cookware Set 3 Standard (CW2500HA)

53.70 EUR
Netto: 43.66 EUR
Product code: 4260149870087
Weight: 0.76 kg (1 pcs)
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Total: 53.70 EUR

Esbit Aluminum Cookware Set 3 Standard (CW2500HA). Modern outdoor cookware made of hard anodized aluminium, perfectly mastering even sophisticated menus under the open skies.


DIMENSIONS: 202 x 117 mm

Camouflage / Color:
Fabric specification:
Set includes:
Cooking pot 2 l
Cooking pot 2,5 l
Frying pan: 18,4 cm in diameter
Handle compatible with pots and frying pan
2 cutting boards made ​​from lightweight and highly durable plastic
More information:
Mesh pouch included
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