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Kelly Kettle® Cook Set - Stainless Steel - Small for 'Trekker' Model

44.99 EUR
Netto: 36.58 EUR
Product features:
Product code: 857149002095
EAN: 857149002095  
Weight: 0.22 kg (1 pcs)
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Total: 44.99 EUR

Cook Set (Stainless Steel) - Small for Trekker Model of Kelly Kettle®. Enjoy cost free, Carbon-neutral cooking outdoors using whatever natural fuels are available.



Diameter        103mm / 4.05 inch

Item Weight   0.47lb / 0.22kg

Product Capacity       16 fluid oz (UK) / 0.454 ltr (Capacity)

Kettle Height  65mm / 2.56 inch


The cook set can be used in two ways:

1. When the water boils, remove the kettle from fire base and place Grill Pieces (2 no.) onto the fire-base. Then simply place your Pot/Pan on the Grill pieces for cooking, adding additional fuel to the fire base as required. Fuel can be inserted through the air hole in the side of the base.

2. Using our Pot Support (not included with the cook set) certain foods can be cooked quickly over the chimney of the Kelly/Volcano Kettle as it boils thus ensuring maximum fuel and time efficiency. Note: as the heat is intense, you will need to stir your food regularly.

During transport, this Cook Set stores neatly inside your Kelly Kettle ensuring maximum space saving.

Camouflage / Color:
Fabric specification:
Stainless steel
500 ml
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