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Pentagon Emergency Aluminium Blanket - Aluminium - Silver

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The Pentagon's thermal blanket of metallic foil is often the last chance for survival in an unforeseen situation. It can be used in virtually any environment, and because of the minimum size and weight should be included in the kits and first aid kits, emergency so in the car or in a backpack.
Blanket with dimensions 214 x 132 cm can be completely isolated from wind and low temperature (including the base) the victim or injured protecting against the tragic effects of hypothermia for up to 10-12 hours! It is used during bad weather in the mountains, waiting for help to arrive after the accident or unexpected accommodation somewhere between the starting point and planned too optimistically, its final destination.
Blanket retains its flexibility and does not crumble to a temperature -60o C. Reflects up to 80% of the heat emitted by the body. Covering the body completely sealed to protect them from the wind and rain.


132 x 214 cm


Material: metalized film (substitute NRC)

One size fit all
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