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Pentagon Single Point Gun Lanyard 2.0 - Olive Green

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Single point tactical sling of Prntagon dedicated to machine guns and assault rifles. Securing weapons from falling. Allows you to quickly change the way the weapon, release your hands, if necessary, and finally give up weapons and the changes on the knife or grenade without dropping primary weapon and the risk of its loss.

Has a metal hook for dinghy protection against self unplug while allowing very fast taking out a whole in an emergency. Part of the suspension of the clip also can be quickly the disconnected using DURAFLEX® UTX® buckle Buckle.

Surrounding the same length of tape is continuously adjustable. This adjustment is useful not only for the individual settings (comfort) tape length depending on the height (and the amount of equipment that bears wearing) the shooter, but also to the way in which it hangs a gun to tape (by a neck, the back)

One size fit all
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