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Helikon-Tex® RANGER Compass - Olive Green

RANGER compass of Helikon-tex company. This compass serves both as a map and field compass. Modeled on the original compasses used by the U.S. Army. KS-BUS-SS-02
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Navigation equipment in the field

Survival, extreme trekking or hiking require from us not only orientation, but also knowledge of the location and knowledge of geographical directions. This becomes especially useful when there are no specific indications. To save time and thus avoid the nerves caused by getting lost, it is worth getting ready for each trip. For this purpose, it is necessary to be navigation equipment in the field. The recommended devices are compasses, compasses, as well as traditional paper maps. In our offer you can find all of the above products. Versatile navigation devices will surely be appreciated by every enthusiast of active recreation.

Navigation, which is the blessing of modern technology

Navigation is essential during any field trips. Technology makes life much easier, that's why it's worth getting at it even to make the journey safe and trouble-free. If we support traditional applications, paper maps will be the best solution. It is an old and the most proven method of navigation. Its undoubted advantage is primarily the price, because it reaches several or several zlotys. Thanks to this, we do not violate the home budget, and in combination with the compass will be a duo for the weight of gold.

Forgotten but still reliable - a compass

While in the field, there are situations in which access to the accessories of modern technology becomes impossible. The compass is such a proven and well-known device that you probably do not need to talk too much about it. It should be a permanent element of equipment for every tourist or professional uniform, regardless of the area in which it operates. Nevertheless, in the age of technology development, we often forget about it. The purchase of a decent copy falls within the limits of several dozen zlotys. When choosing, it is worth following a solid construction, namely a large swivel dial, a needle and a permanently drawn ruler. A good compass will be characterized by a smooth and fairly rapid movement of the needle. Thanks to it, even with negligible navigational skills, we should easily reach the destination place.


In colloquial language, the formulation of compass and compass is often alternately used. However, this is a mistake. The main difference is construction. Busola belongs to more complex devices. Just like a compass is equipped with a magnetic needle. In addition, it contains sights that help in determining the azimuth. It can be a movable ring with a bow tie and a ponchiere. Another characteristic is the mirror. It is inside a box, which is a housing. Holding the compass at eye level, you can observe the movements of the magnetic needle in the mirror. However, after closing the mirror, the magnetic needle is automatically immobilized. The demand for this type of device is huge. That is why on the market successively newer models will be available, eg with a flashlight or even a whistle.

Tourist navigation

The best complement to the trip equipment is tourist navigation. It gives the opportunity to easily designate routes, both walking and cycling. It turns out to be particularly useful when moving around an unknown area. Sometimes its shape resembles a mobile phone, housing a large battery. It is intended not only for experienced people, but also for outdoor activity enthusiasts. For this purpose, pedestrian navigation can also be useful. This small but useful equipment has many functions. They make the long, walking escapades take on a much safer form, and most importantly they become more interesting and attractive.

Navigation equipment for one of many departments and proposals that we have prepared for you. Shop recommends only reputable manufacturers, among others - Helikon-Tex. Thanks to this, each choice will be completely satisfying. We encourage you to familiarize with the whole offer!

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