Helikon-Tex COVERT M65 Jacket - Ash Grey Helikon-Tex COVERT M65 Jacket - Ash Grey 2
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Helikon-Tex COVERT M65 Jacket - Ash Grey

Covert M65 jacket from Helikon-Tex. Modeled on the cult M65, a modern, reliable field jacket. KU-C65-DC-85
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Jacket Helikon M65

Each of us likes to present well. Currently, many people follow all the new trends in fashion. Most often, however, women do. Men, on the other hand, usually focus on what is qualitatively good and can serve them for many years. Exactly the same is the case when they have to choose any jacket. Then usually look for one that is comfortable, warm and durable, and well tolerates the operation of various external factors. Such features are characterized by the m65 jacket.

M65 jackets

These jackets are often chosen by men because they are very warm and extremely durable. They can be used to perform all kinds of different hard work. The great advantage of the m65 jacket is that nothing bad happens to it. What's more, the men's jacket is also a great heat insulator. This is also true if a man has to do some outdoor work, when it is freezing or raining, if he is wearing this jacket, he does not feel the effect of these adverse factors so much.

Jacket us army m65

The men's jacket has four capacious pockets that perfectly fit all the trinkets a man has. What's more, the m65 jacket is fastened with a zipper, which is ideal for performing various types of slopes, because it does not unbutton. If, on the other hand, we do not want to fasten it with a zipper, we can only fasten it with the press studs it also has. In addition, it also has a detachable lining, which makes the jacket suitable for different seasons. It should also be remembered that the m65 jacket has a retractable hood in the collar. This is also if we find a rain or a strong wind, or a snowstorm, it is worth getting the hood out of the box as soon as possible.

Helikon tex m65

These are high quality jackets manufactured by Helikon tex. What's more, the m65 helicon is an M65 typeface that is used by the American army. That is why it has gained the recognition of many people and is popular all over the world.

Jacket helikox tex m65

This jacket is made of strong and resistant to abrasion of various NYCO materials, which includes cotton and nylon. In addition, the helikox tex m65 jacket is comfortable and practical. It is also in many cases in the wardrobe of a man, in addition to the elegant jacket, only one jacket can be seen, namely helikox tex m65 jacket, because this jacket is suitable both for the winter and when we detach the lining for spring and autumn. It's definitely worth spending a bit more money once and enjoying its versatile use than buying a cheaper jacket that will hang in the closet most of the year.

Men `s jacket

This is one of the obligatory things that every man must have in his wardrobe with clothes. Therefore, it is very important that it is reliable and copes with all weather conditions. The military jacket and the us army jacket can be proud of such features. These jackets are perfect in many respects, because they are inextensible, very durable, made of very good quality material, and most importantly are suitable for a trip to the lake, but also for shopping, as well as for work. Helikon tex us army military m65 jacket

This jacket is not only used by various types of services, such as the army, but also more and more often it is bought by men who have nothing to do with service. This is because the helicopter jacket tex us army military m65 is made of hard material that looks very good. What's more, this material is also resistant to the action of even wind, and hence is windproof and warm. In addition, the us army military m65 helicopter jacket is also available in camo color. This is a very important advantage of this jacket, because there are many people who are able to pay a lot more money for things in a camo color than a given thing is actually worth.

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