Helikon-Tex® Level 2... Helikon-Tex® Level 2...
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Helikon-Tex® Level 2 Thermal Underwear - Shirt - Black

Level 2 GEN III shirt of Helikon-tex company. Longsleeve T-shirt designed to be worn next to the skin and represents the second level of Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (GEN III ECWCS). BL-UN2-PO-01
Helikon-Tex® Level 2... Helikon-Tex® Level 2...
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Level 2 GEN III shirt of Helikon-tex company. Longsleeve T-shirt designed to be worn next to the skin and represents the second level of Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (GEN III ECWCS). BL-UN2-PO-02
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Thermoactive T-shirts - Men and Women

Every amateur sportsman or professional player knows how important equipment is to play an important role in the field. An important role is played here by specialized sports shoes - whose sole should be adapted to a specific substrate, reliable, durable equipment, properly selected clothing, including: thermoactive T-shirts. Regardless of whether we prefer sport in spring, summer or autumn, or maybe we like winter sports - first of all, we should take care that our organism well tolerate specific weather conditions. We should not expose to overheating or cooling down. Then the susceptibility to infections and colds increases, gradually forcing us to withdraw from developing in a given sport field. In addition, you can significantly reduce your chances in competitions, or simply achieve less spectacular results when running or during the game - our clothing is sweaty or does not guarantee effective thermal insulation. The sports thermoactive shirt wins with cotton shirts, among others because it adapts perfectly to the shape of the figure and provides thermal comfort, which in turn translates into the mental comfort of the player. T-shirts for short-sleeve thermoactive - are very popular among people who practice jogging. These types of t-shirts and long-sleeved thermoactive t-shirts can easily be purchased by visiting a military store.

Thermoactive t-shirts - let your skin stay dry.

Do you do outdoor sport that requires you to be fully prepared in changing weather conditions? Great condition should be maintained at all costs despite unfavorable weather? Invest in a durable, tailor-made thermoactive T-shirt for every athlete. This t-shirt allows the skin to breathe and at the same time to remain dry and effectively to discharge hectoliters of the spilled sweat. The dryness of the skin during even the most intensive training is at a premium. If you're interested in regular, effortless outdoor sports, you'll find out very quickly.

Long-sleeved thermoactive sleeves - necessary in the autumn and winter season.

Enthusiastic sports enthusiasts can not give up their passions even during the unfavorable season of exercise sports. However, wanting to maintain good condition all year round and have a body in the form - you should arm yourself with all possible means, gadgets and appropriate clothing, to start the autumn-winter season in a big way, without jeopardizing our health. A beginner footballer should always be equipped with thermal clothing that will closely adhere to the body and will not discharge body heat outside. Long-sleeve thermoactive sleeves are therefore an essential equipment for the athlete during training on cold days.

Short-sleeved thermoactive sleeves - pay attention to them in spring and summer.

In spring and summer - people practicing sports should take care of draining moisture from the skin. Hyperthermia, or colloquially speaking: overheating - threatens all runners who have not provided themselves with appropriate thermoactive t-shirts. The specialist material from which thermoactive t-shirts are made helps to keep the heat balance while running. Its stretch ensures freedom of movement. Women's / men's thermoactive T-shirts - you can buy at favorable, competitive prices by visiting a military store. A sporty thermoactive T-shirt is absolutely essential for cyclists and skaters who spend all the warm days outside.

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man - you also have to take care of your health during training, like the opposite sex. Women's / men's thermoactive shirts are available in various sizes. Appropriately fitted jersey size supports protection against heat loss. The better the clothing adheres, the more difficult it is to get out of the heat. Thermoactive t-shirts, it's best to wash at 30 degrees Celsius and absolutely not iron. T-shirts dry quickly and are resistant to weather conditions. Thanks to wearing thermoactive clothing, you extend the training time, thanks to which you work more efficiently and prepare your body for competition faster. Thermoactive T-shirts are designed to give the athlete an ergonomic warmth of his body and not expose his body to premature fatigue. Thanks to this type of clothing, our traffic is free and training is more efficient.

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