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Helikon-Tex® Chameleon...
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Morale patches

Helikon-Tex® Chameleon Black Friday - Yellow

The colorful Chameleon Black Friday emblem was designed by HIWEZ. This is an extremely detailed female version of the chameleon known from the Helikon-Tex logo. It is covered with numerous bags full of bargain purchases on Black Firday. It has 4 hands, so it can hold a stack of credit cards, a stuffed wallet and additional purchases at the same time....
Helikon-Tex® Chameleon...
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Morale patches

Helikon-Tex® Chameleon Winter OPS - Grey

Chameleon Operator emblem from Helikon-Tex®. Chameleon equipped with iconic Helikon-Tex® equipment. OD-COP-RB-02
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Military patches will emphasize the military style

The military style is timeless. For many decades on the streets of cities can be seen a large number of people who choose military style as a leading. This is a great way to free your expression and to emphasize individual character traits. Properly selected military patches will allow you to highlight your interests and help express yourself through a specific style. Among the fans of this original style, we can meet people of all ages. Military patches choose people who are interested in military history, attend schools with military profiles, or want to emphasize solidarity with the Polish army. The selection of this type of supplements emphasizes individualism and suggests to the environment that patriotic values ​​are very important in the life of a given person.

Patches for the backpack

Patch patches can create a tasteful mosaic that signals our interests, views and preferences in a specific way. It is worth to ensure that the patches are finished in an aesthetic manner and are of good quality. Particular attention should be paid to the symbolism of the badges, to get acquainted with the history of a given symbol and to choose the appropriate pattern from which we can identify our views and the one which best reflects our interests. For this purpose, it is worth visiting a military store, which has a wide range of clothes and patches in the military style. Helikon tex is a company offering a wide range of military style accessories, and their patches are very popular among customers of all ages.

Military patches with the message

Everyone at some stage of life would like to emphasize their belonging to a group or subculture, or to express their support for a given idea and view. Military patches are an addition that will definitely highlight our interests and perhaps help us in identifying people with similar views. It is an excellent hallmark that can contribute to familiarizing people with whom we will have a great connection on a given plane. Military patches are a real hit because of their versatility. They look great on the back, pants, jackets and headgear, adding elegance to the military outfit. Good quality patches are produced by the helicon tex company, which specializes, among others, in supplying original and unique military clothing to the market.

Blood group as an element emphasizing image

A group of blood with Velcro is a great addition that can be found on the outer garments on the back. In addition to the original outfit, pinning the blood group symbol has a pragmatic dimension. In the event of an accident or any dangerous situation in which it will be necessary to quickly recognize by medical services our blood group, this symbol will support a quick rescue action. In addition, the blood group with Velcro on our backpack is an interesting and original idea to complement the styling.

Patches with the emblem and flag for real patriots

The perfect way to underline our patriotism is to buy patches with a coat of arms or badges with a flag. These types of symbols blend well with clothing in camo or black. They are stylish, timeless additions, which are chosen by people who have a strong sense of nationality. They look beautiful in blues, shirts, jackets, coats, hats and hats. Badges depicting national symbols are often chosen by people who prefer military style, they are a great complement to it.

Military store perfect for patches

Morale patches are not only a cry of fashion, but also a timeless complement to the image of a patriot and idealist. It is worth emphasizing your individuality through the appropriate style of clothing. Military patches are an important part of the range offered by the military store. How we create our image affects how society perceives us and promotes the promotion of a given idea. Military patches are additions that will greatly emphasize the stylization of both women and men.

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