Men's Pentagon jeans

Professional tactical pants and casual jeans in one day? Pentagon Rogue jeans have all the features of an ideal tactical wardrobe. They are durable, comfortable and equipped with an appropriate number of functional pockets, and additionally provide a classic masculine look. They are perfect for both the shooting range and for a city outing.

Military pants from a known brand - a military store

Pentagon is a Greek company that is an expert in the production of uniforms for military and police units. It was founded in 1993 and is now a leader not only in the Balkans, but also in Europe. It is distinguished by a high standard of products with excellent value for money. Modern technologies, durable materials and intelligent solutions allow the company to meet stringent police and military standards for years. The tactical clothing coming out of the Pentagon production line is tested and evaluated by professionals - soldiers and policemen. All this makes the military pants of this company a guarantee of satisfaction and many years of use.

Comfortable men's jeans for special tasks and everyday - Pentagon men's trousers

Pants for men should be comfortable, durable and functional. Pentagon Rogue men's jeans are made of 100% breathable cotton, which is well-washed and easy to iron. Their simple cut means that they do not restrict movement in any way, and the classic straight leg fits any type of figure. The material has been additionally reinforced in the most prone to tearing and tearing places, like the step and the edges of the pocket. In addition, a specially designed diamond shape in the crotch area provides full comfort of movement and does not cause excessive wiping of jeans. The main clasp is a top-quality reliable YKK® zipper and a button that secures it. In addition, the pants are equipped with wide, strong loops, through which you can carry an additional belt, fastening the jeans probably at the right height.

Denim jeans equipped with many functional pockets - Pentagon jeans

The more pockets you have men's trousers, the better. Pentagon Rogue jeans have as many as 9, including two plain ones at the back and two inner back ones for transferring magazines, two classic ones at the front, two additional ones in the hip pockets and one small one on the right leg. Their placement provides sufficient comfort when storing various items, and reinforcing stitching additionally protects the contents from being pulled out.

Men's Pentagon jeans in classic cut and casual colors

Tactical Pentagon Rogue trousers are designed and made in such a way as to imitate classic jeans with look and comfort. They are most often in two shades of Denim Blue and Stone Washed Denim, thanks to which they are suitable not only for military purposes, but also for everyday use. Straight cut and deep cut is ideal for most men's silhouettes. It allows excellent freedom of movement, without affecting the appearance of the whole body.

People interested in tactical pants that are suitable for everyday use, and at the same time are comfortable and show classic urban style, can fully trust the Pentagon brand. Their many years of experience, modern technologies and professional tests have allowed them to create the perfect Pentagon Rogue military trousers, which in functionality and comfort equal the typical militias, and the appearance perfectly imitates attractive jeans. Two-in-one tactical pants will be fully satisfied, because Pentagon Rogue jeans will serve them for many years.

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