Fire starters

Wildo® Fire-Flash Pro Large... Wildo® Fire-Flash Pro Large...
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Fire starters

Wildo® Fire-Flash Pro Large Small

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Wildo® FireFlash Pro Small is an effective and reliable tinder that provides the ignition you need in all weather conditions.
Fire starters

Helikon-Tex® Firestarter FIRESPARK

FIRESPARK Flint for starting the fire. Essential accessory in survival, outdoors and during camping. KR-FSK-FC-01
Helikon-Tex® Magnesium... Helikon-Tex® Magnesium...
Fire starters

Helikon-Tex® Magnesium firestarter

Magnesium firestarter of Helikon-tex. Reliable in all weather conditions, flint and magnesium firestarter, used by the U.S. Army. KR-MFS-AL-15
Helikon-Tex® SCOUT Fire... Helikon-Tex® SCOUT Fire...
Fire starters

Helikon-Tex® SCOUT Fire Starter

Easy to use fire starter - just rub the surface to create many sparks burning at almost 3000°C. KR-SCT-FC-15
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Tourist chairs - Fire starters

For tourist or survival trips we must always be well prepared, have appropriate clothes, maps, navigational instruments, communication allowing for possible calls for help, water supply and devices for its treatment, provisions and items that allow you to get food in an emergency. One of the most important aspects of preparing this type of expedition is to provide yourself with the possibility of lighting a fire. The fire is needed both during planned long expeditions and when something in our journey goes wrong and we have to survive in a crisis situation. Thanks to the ignition of a fire, we can warm up, treat drinking water by boiling, and prepare high-energy meals necessary in the cases described above.

Sources of fire - tourist flip-flops

In order to start the fire, however, its source is indispensable, unfortunately, commonly used matches and lighters for liquid gas or gasoline do not always work in tourist conditions, when it is humid and windy it is very difficult to light a fire using matches or lighters. Such items can also be completely unusable when they are too wet, for example when we accidentally fall into water or find heavy rainstorms, and the ignition of a fire will be our only way to defend ourselves against the body being cold. Then we should have something in our inventory that will be reliable in all weather conditions and in any case. Such reliability is provided by tourist flinters, of which several types are offered in our store

The traditional FIRESPARK office chair from Helikon-Tex

The working part of such a flint tube is a fire bar which, for example, rubbed with a knife or other hard metal element, produces sparks of high temperature. It is a simple and reliable device, but it requires a dry kindling, which is sometimes not an easy condition to meet. Among other things, this is why the Firespark tourist flip-flop has a handle made of very durable and durable aluminum, a waterproof container that can be used to ignite the fire in a crisis situation. In the container in the holder, we can also carry other items, such as rolled up banknotes or water treatment tablets, if necessary. The Helikon-Tex firebox has a long fire bar, which ensures the generation of a spark with the right energy. The handle has a loop made of strong nylon cord 550, which facilitates the appropriate grip of the flint and additionally facilitates the ignition of fire.

Set with Helicon-Tex Scout glove

A small tourist chair designed for everyday wear, for shorter trips, or as an emergency source of fire. In a set with a fire-rod flint we have a blade about which we rub it, like in the previous model with a knife, this operation allows us to generate a spark with a temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius, which should be enough to set fire properly prepared fire. In the set are also attached two tightly packed tablets of fuel and balls of cotton wool, which allow for very easy ignition of the fire, it is an emergency kindling, which in perfect condition we can have on hand in every situation. The whole set is packed in an aluminum box with dimensions of 10 by 6 by 2 cm, which fits in almost every pocket.

Tinder with Helikon-Tex magnesia

It is the most advanced and the most effective type of flint, to the extent that it is used by many troops, including the US Army. The type of flint machine used by Helikon-Tex is protected by an American patent. Magnesia is a flammable mixture of magnesium particles with an oxidant. In a magnesium chair used in a solid form, scrape a certain amount of magnesia (a few flakes) into a suitable firelight, and then using a fire-resistant rod and for example a knife to create a spark that will ignite the substance. Magnesia has the property that it burns even under water, which is why this tinder is completely reliable in all weather conditions. The very high temperature of magnesia combustion makes it possible to use less dry fire-tips, which are usually available in the forest or in the mountains. Tinder with magnesia is an ideal reserve source of fire during even the most extreme tourist and survival trips. Its small size means that you can always have it with you, so you will not be surprised by any situation in which it will be necessary to start a fire.
We invite you to our store by the highest quality tourist flip-flops from the reputable company Helikon-Tex.

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