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Men's Trousers Helikon Tex ecwcs-den-ii

Helikon-Tex clothes are as close as possible to the army uniforms. It is no coincidence that this company is the official supplier of military clothing for special forces. The basis for the creation of tactical pants helicon tex ecwcs-den-ii were the uniforms of the American armed forces. A characteristic feature of Helikon-Tex clothing are high performance parameters. Simply put, the products of the brand are: durable, comfortable, they retain heat in the most extreme conditions. In addition, they are durable and resistant to strong mechanical loads.

Men's helicon tex pants ecwcs-den-ii

Helikon Tex is a favorite brand of people who like airsoft and active recreation. The pants trousers helikon tex ecwcs-den-ii are a great alternative for casual trousers due to the functional arrangement of the pockets and ergonomic cut, which does not restrict movements. The camo pants will be a great choice in various situations where camouflage is important.
If someone prefers active rest, likes to work in the open air, is a security worker or a professional soldier trousers helicon tex ecwcs-den-ii will become an indispensable element of clothing. Men's military pants are made of high quality natural fabrics and have a cut in which active movements do not cause discomfort and limitations. As a rule, camouflage clothing made in the classic version is very often used for various active activities. Military pants with a simple cut with lots of pockets in many interesting colors will be a comfortable element of clothing for work.

Men's helicon trousers tex ecwcs-den-ii

The pants pants helikon tex ecwcs-den-ii look like normal everyday clothing, but at the same time have a comfortable cut and a set of pockets, such as utility trousers militias. Designed for law enforcement officers, the ecwsc-den-ii men's bombers allow you to carry all the necessary equipment on your hips and belt. The low pocket arrangement allows convenient placement of items to carry essential items or ammunition.

In this case, objects are placed near the center of gravity of the body, which increases the comfort of wearing. In addition, these solutions give the possibility of camouflage. All models of military helicon tex pants ecwsc-den-ii have a comfortable fit and differ from everyday trousers using an extremely practical TriLayer fabric with a Helikon-Tex Comfort H2O Proof membrane, which guarantees protection against wind, ensures proper ventilation of the body, while maintaining 100 % water resistance.

Military helikon tex pants - advantages

The tactical pants helicon tex ecwcs-den-ii have many numerous advantages that are now noticed by men, but also women who like to participate in tactical games such as ASG or take part in off-road motor sports.

The most important advantages of the moro helicon tex ecwsc-den-ii pants:

High strength fabric - waterproof 10000mm, breathability 5000g / m2 / 24h.
Numerous pockets for full handheld equipment as well as Velcro hip pockets for carrying documents or other personal items and compartments for single knee pads.
Strong fabric in camo or natural black as well as olive.
Comfortable military pants with a fitted cut: adjustable trousers in the waist, reinforced knees, adjustable leg, reinforced hip line.

The helicon tex pants with high wind and hydrophobic properties are adapted to difficult weather conditions, ensure good moisture evaporation.

Why military pants are so popular on the market?

Military pants by Helikon are popular among men because of their stylish appearance and reliability in use. Due to the wear-resistant material they are made of, the pants will not lose their shape and will last for a long time. Men's wax pants have increased functionality compared to ordinary trousers, they are designed to inconspicuously carry weapons and ammunition not only by soldiers, but also by avid military players. The fit of the trousers at the waist provides a strong elastic band sewn into the back of the belt. Pockets on the front with additional reinforcement on the edge, are designed for a more comfortable mounting of folding knives, flashlights.
From the inside there are symmetrical pockets sewn diagonally to the belt. They are designed to hide, comfortable, and at the same time reliably carry objects such as a telescopic baton. The knees are additionally reinforced with two layers of material. These two layers create an inner pocket ideal for any use. The ecwcs-den-ii helicon pants are made with ergonomics in mind.

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