ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

Nowadays, there is no problem with the purchase of military clothing, there are army combat uniform helikonets on the market, including comfortable camo pants. A wide range of clothing such as helicon acu pants used for camouflage, are also worn by men unrelated to the army.

Tactical pants of the acai helicon trousers

Strong and resistant fabrics of the well-known Acu Nyco brand are used for the production of military trousers. Excellent, quality materials are a guarantee of reliability and stability. Military trousers helikon tex acu are produced in accordance with special standards of warfare. In addition to the army, lovers of active rest and tourists appreciated their quality and durability. Trousers are willingly used for: fishing, airsoft and paintball, forest and mountain tourism.
Tex acu helicon pants practical and casual
A characteristic feature of the brand products are the original colors of camouflage. Camo clothing manufacturers such as pants helikon acu trousers invented unique colors finding application in everyday life. The helikon army combat uniform manufacturer is at the forefront of the makers of military clothing. The products of this brand are used by almost everyone who can not live without outdoor activity and battles in games. Those who have already chosen helikon tex acu trousers know that this product is of excellent quality and provides:

  • Comfortable use
  • Strength
  • The uniqueness of cut and colors
  • Practicality that limits movement.

Trousers helikon tex acu useful in all conditions

Camo clothing is used by the military to mask. Their coloring helps to blur the contours of the human body, making them invisible in the background of the surrounding area. Because military operations take place under different conditions, manufacturers of camouflage clothing have to face universal solutions designed for different environments and seasons. For this reason, numerous variants of camouflage patterns have appeared. For example, army combat trousers tex army combat uniform sewn from Rip-stop material 60% cotton / 40% polyester resistant to abrasion.

Today's fashionable military style can not do without the army's motives. Taking them as a basis, a modern brand directs tactical pants to the most mass consumer. Therefore, buying military pants today is the best choice for many people. Anyone who buys a high quality army combat uniform helicon product receives practical and comfortable clothes. Many people wear camo pants for everyday wear. This is not surprising, because Helicon uses high quality fabrics for production.

When looking for a camo pants, the optimal choice is the army combat uniform helikn tex pants

Military pants are a great proposition for lovers of modern fashion. Together with the outer garments they form a good combination. Customer feedback suggests that camouflage pants are the most comfortable clothing.
The benefits of wearing helikon acu military combat trousers:

High wear resistance. This was achieved thanks to the use of modern innovative materials and technologies (such as rip-stop).
Practicality that allows you to use camouflage models for various purposes, making them universal. Tactical pants are equally beneficial for both enthusiasts of military, tourist and recreational performances.
Camouflage clothing is resistant to heavy pollution. For a tourist and a participant in ASG skirmishes, this is not so important. But in a city such a factor is crucial.

Abundance of pockets. Tactical pants can boast up to 10 pockets. In this way, you can carry with you many necessary items that will be safely hidden from prying eyes and will certainly remain safe.
High quality trousers, helikn tex army combat uniform after many washes maintain their original color and appearance effectively for a long time.

Comfortable fit to the waist, lots of sizes.

By buying tactical pants you can be sure that they will fit perfectly and will work in all weather conditions.
Spatial sewing of many models does not block the access of air to the body and does not hinder movement.

Military pants provide an attractive look regardless of the conditions

Not everyone knows that military pants for men are eagerly bought by women. After all, you can not find comfortable clothes on a walk or on a plot. Anyone who knows what a tactical form is, understands why it is considered one of the best. And that's all, because it combines two main criteria that apply to military uniforms: quality and long life.

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