Men's Shorts Division

Men's military shorts are an ideal summer offer for every man. Although at work for various reasons it should appear in suits or jeans, in your free time it is better to put on something lighter and more relaxed, and at the same time paying attention to yourself. There are many indications that military shorts will be one of the strongest trends in spring and summer of 2019.

Military shorts

For men actively practicing sport, the practicality and comfort of clothing counts, which is why military shorts are definitely a frequent choice for them. Thanks to the combination of cotton and polyester, these shorts are light and durable, resistant to tearing and abrasion. They dry quickly, provide protection against wind and moisture. They are pleasant to touch and allow the skin to breathe. They allow freedom of movement, therefore they are recommended for people practicing running, playing football, volleyball or tennis. Thanks to the wide belt loops, these pants can be worn with a belt that allows you to adjust the shorts to each silhouette. Military shorts in our offer are available in sizes S to XXL, in colors: black, brown, white, camo.

Men's shorts. Division

Men's Shorts Division is an excellent clothing choice for every man. These pants for active people who like to stand out on the street. Shorts of this type are characterized by lightness, breathability and comfort. This is made possible by the material from which they are made - 100% cotton or high quality polyester fabric. These fabrics are soft and at the same time very durable. Thanks to the drawstring adjusting the circumference of the shorts in the waist, the Division pants fit to any figure. They are suitable for summer days, do not overheat the body, and at the same time protect against wind and moisture. They are good both on a daily basis and during sports. You can leave them on vacation, car trip, rail or air, and keep traveling comfortable. Shorts Division we offer in size from S to XXL, in colors: black, brown, white, camo.

Military shorts

Cargo trousers are one of the most fashionable types of shorts worn by men. Shorts of this type are derived from military clothing. They represent a military style. Their distinctive features are characteristic pockets. The trousers are pants characterized by considerable durability and practicality. Thanks to the appropriate form, they allow wide bending of the legs in the knees, they separate the material from the skin, thanks to which they reduce sweating. Pockets with larger amounts than standard ones allow you to take basic items with you. In turn, the wide cut of the legs makes it possible to pull the trousers in the boot, thanks to which the trousers are a good solution for colder days. The fly stripe is closed with a button and a metal zipper. The trousers are comfortable, timeless and universal trousers. They work well both in a looser and elegant style. They also work well in combination with a long shirt and also with different types of footwear. The risers are available in sizes S to XXL, in black, brown, white, camo.

Short trousers

Shorter fighters are better suited in summer than traditional militias because they cover a smaller area of ​​the body. Thanks to the cotton band available in the set, they fit well to any figure, we also offer models equipped with a puller that adjusts the waist circumference. Two front and back pockets with closing fasteners and two large and small cargo pockets are integrated into the short trousers. Short trousers are recommended for people who actively practice sports that value outdoor activities. Classic shorts of militias occur in the colors characteristic of the military, i.e. earth tones, camo or khaki. However, nowadays there are suits available in the market available in each color variant. We offer short cargo pants in size from S to XXL and colors: black, brown, white, camo.

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