Engineer Vintage 3/4

3/4 Shorts - Engineer Shorts vintage 3/4

Vintage style is the most popular male style at the moment. The vintage engineer's shorts are in line with contemporary trends and, thanks to the classic design, tell the customers' needs. Everyone wants to pay for the real and good quality of clothes, not for the specificity of cheap marketing and attractive advertising. This is only possible by proven and trusted manufacturers who have been supplying our store with strong and stylish trousers designed for everyday wear as well as for planning a great trip. The 3/4 vintage engineer pants are the best camo pants on the market. They will complete the men's and boy's wardrobe.


The 3/4 3/4 shorts ensure freedom of movement. They are breathable and comfortable, making them perfect in any conditions. You can take them on a mountain trek, a concert outdoors, a city tour or other circumstances in which comfort is a priority. Military style is already liked by little boys, so buying them 3/4 fighters will help in building a masculine identity. The 3/4 engineer's vintage pants will perfectly blend with sweatshirts, t-shirts and longsleeve blouses. They fit many types of shoes: sneakers, sneakers, trekking shoes, glans or sandals.


Shorts vintage engineer 3/4 cover the knee and overlap the calf. Made of the highest quality cotton, they are resistant to abrasion and repeated washing. They do not fade and do not deteriorate under the influence of high temperatures or external factors. Thanks to this, they can successfully serve for several good seasons. They have a total of six pockets - two at the front and back and another two at the sides of the trousers. They are available in several colors and sizes from XS to XXL. Pants have welts at the pockets and drawstrings at each leg. They make it possible to adjust the waist and thus adjust to the male silhouette.


For the convenience and quick purchase process, we sell vintage 3/4 engineer shorts online. We turn to searching for ideal militias in stationary stores to save time and choose pants in the online store. Thanks to the site you can get acquainted with the producer and have access to all rebate systems and promotions in one place. A tool such as a shopping basket can be a waiting room, and after using the "Contact" tab we will dispel all doubts about the model of trousers. The product we offer suits all conditions and circumstances.


Fashion for a mixed or typically masculine style is popular with women. Each of them can choose our range to express their own personality. Retro trousers testify to the originality and awareness of their own image, and 3/4 fighters through comfort and source in men's fashion determine the strength of character and courage. This is why the model vintage 3/4 engine enjoys the interest of young girls and adult women who are determined to face challenges and achieve goals. The 3/4 shorts also correspond to summer sub-cultural stylizations.


Why is the fashion and interest in clothing associated only with women? Nothing could be more wrong. Even ancient cultural circles have distinguished fashionable clothing for men. The entire history of the world proves that military and good-quality trousers for men are needed on the market. Solidly prepared today, they manifest who they are, set the hierarchy, build self-confidence and inspire generations. The retro style is reserved for strong guys who know what they want, go against the current and always set out specific action strategies! On the battlefield for attention and overcoming problems, the vintage 3/4 trousers are a combination of tradition and modernity. Perfect for summer hikes, rest at the lake, discovering the secrets of medieval cities and many other adventures that can survive both younger and older.

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