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Men's Trousers Helikon Tex Soft Shell

What is the most important thing in military pants? The desired characteristics of appropriate military clothing could be multiplied. However, it is certainly protection against wind and rain. Is fast fitting clothes also their main advantage? Of course! What if we add to the fact that the pants after taking up take up a small amount of space? Then we will get perfectly men's pants helikon tex soft shell. What makes these military pants stand out? Men's helikon tex soft shell pants.

Men's Trousers Helikon Tex Soft Shell

What is the soft shell actually? It is a group of very modern fabrics, which has found application in sportswear, hiking, climbing and also in military clothing. As the name suggests, it is soft and delicate, but at the same time strong and durable. Men's soft shell pants are suitable for all weathers, even adapted to difficult climatic conditions. The material does not absorb dirt, dirt or water. An extraordinary advantage of military trousers is also breathability, which owe to special membranes. What else is worth paying attention to? Helikon tex soft shell is also easy to clean, flame-retardant and quick drying.

Level 5 means that it is a lightweight clothing, ideal for carrying in a backpack and subject to compression. Pants military helicon tex soft shell. Tactical helikon tex pants are extremely functional thanks to pockets in various sizes. 2 upper pockets on the front and 2 leg pockets with flaps and velcro complemented with a button and a puller are a very practical solution. Tactical cargo pockets increase the comfort of use and contribute to a better appearance. They will allow discreetly transfer of documents, money or various accessories. Ideally suited as tactical equipment for uniformed services, police, security services or even paintball teams.

Men's helikon Tex Soft Shell

The soft shells are made of durable and solid material that will allow you to transport heavier items such as a torch, penknife, telescopic baton or rifle magazines. Wide reinforced loops allow you to put on a carrying belt with additional equipment, for example with a short weapon holster or magazine pouches. Pants in our assortment you will find classic products, for example in earth color or other muted, uniform colors and camouflage models that are inspired by the best American traditions. They are designed to be worn in combination with basic clothing. Pants Trousers Helixon Tex is a combination of the best in civil and military pants. In addition to functionality and durability, they provide comfort and ergonomics. What is still important is extremely attractive and their elegant cut is not noticeable. The comfort is influenced by their flexibility combined with resistance to damage and tearing. Strippers at the legs, which have men's helikon tex soft shell pants, make it possible to match them to worn footwear. Strengthening at the level of the ankle provides additional protection and is useful when working in the field. This makes the helikon tex militias are also readily chosen by travelers, especially those who love mountain tourism. Pants helikon tex soft shell. Helikon tex is a well-known and popular brand distinguished by the high quality of military products. Its popularity is influenced by a wide selection of models, sizes and cuts, so that everyone can find clothing perfectly suited to their needs. Perfect performance and attractive prices are its additional advantages. Tactical helikon tex pants are based on the APCU model used by the U.S. Army

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