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Men's Helikon Tex PCS pants

The perfect military pants are the functionality, comfort and comfort of wearing. The men's trousers should be properly adjusted, and at the same time should not restrict movement and provide additional space to store the necessary gadgets. The material used for production, apart from exceptional durability, must also be light and breathable. All these advantages of use are provided by helicoid tex PCS trousers.

Comfortable and functional camo pants - men's pants helikon tex Personal Clothing System

The men's helomets PCS line with the Personal Clothing System line combine comfort and functionality thanks to the appropriate cut, used materials and special accessories, allowing even better fit of tactical pants to the body shapes and ensure full comfort and perfect freedom of movement. An adjustable belt with 9cm wide belt loops for an additional tactical belt guarantees that the militia will be kept at the correct height, even during very intense physical activity. Strippers in the legs make the PCS helipad tex pants do not attach to any obstacles or tuck up when the user jumps in or runs.

Durable military pants - men's pants helikon tex PCS

Men's military pants are extremely vulnerable to damage and abrasion. The PCS men's trousers protect the most often tearing spots around the step and buttocks, thanks to appropriate material reinforcements. This means that despite the optimal fit, tactical pants do not wipe quickly and puncture.

Camo trousers with many functional pockets - trousers helikon tex PCS

In addition to the strength and comfort of wearing, it is also necessary to have the right amount of pockets for the necessary handheld equipment. Men's helikon tex pants Personal Clothing System are equipped with two front classic pockets finished inside with a net, a small, discreet zippered pocket in the left classic pocket, a back pocket closed with a button and two capacious cargo pockets closed with Canadian buttons. In total, it provides up to 6 safe places to store additional equipment. In addition, the use of these types of buttons makes the pockets of military helikon tex PCS can be opened quickly even without removing the gloves. Additional loops with loops allow you to attach gadgets such as a leash or a knife.

Tactical pants helikon tex Personal Clothing System - classic cut and look

Helikon tex PCS puts on a classic style. The PSC men's trousers have straight legs in the popular universal green camo pattern. Thanks to this, they fully meet the assumptions of the project for which they were created. They are comfortable, camouflage properly, and provide an attractive appearance, regardless of the type of figure.

The best mix of production raw materials - men's military pants helikon tex PCS

Made of cotton and polyester in a 1: 1 ratio, the moro helikon tex personal clothing system ensures adequate material strength and lightness. Military helikon tex PCS pants weigh only 540 grams. In addition, they are much more resistant to tearing and dry faster than a tactical wardrobe made of 100% cotton.

When looking for perfect military pants, it's best to trust the helicon tex brand. The cargo lines from the Personal Clothing System line meet the highest expectations regarding lightness, durability, comfort of wear and functionality of use. Perfectly protect the body and provide the optimal degree of camouflage. Additional pockets and loops allow convenient storage of handheld equipment, while at the same time do not violate the classic look of military militias.

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