Hydration Packs

Direct Action® MULTI HYDRO... Direct Action® MULTI HYDRO... 2
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Hydration Packs

Direct Action® MULTI HYDRO PACK® - Black

Direct Action®
MULTI HYDRO PACK® - Black of Direct Action®. Lightweight universal hydration bladder carrier. PO-MHPK-CD5-BLK
Condor® Fuel Hydration Pack... Condor® Fuel Hydration Pack... 2
Hydration Packs

Condor® Fuel Hydration Pack (165-002) - Black

Fuel Hydration Pack of Condor. Small backpack with hydration system, which makes it ideal as a backpack EDC (Every Day Carry - for everyday use). (165-002) - Black
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Hydration bag covers - Hydration system

One of the most important natural products for humans is water. Not only is it largely made up of it, it is still necessary to eat a lot. Maintaining an adequate level of fluids in the body is extremely important, especially during intense physical exercise or long walks in the field. Currently, manufacturers of tactical and outdoor equipment in their offer have many solutions for transporting water and taking the right supply of it is not a problem in the modern world. We can choose from simple containers and bottles or more advanced hydration systems, thanks to which we can use them without using our hands. Everything depending on the needs and type of activity.

Hydration system

The hydration system is a system that allows you to supply adequate amounts of water to the body regardless of the physical activities performed. It consists of a flask or other container for water with a tube for drinking water and is most often packed in a bag for hydration bags - worn most often on the back. A place for a bottle of water can also be in a tactical backpack.
A great example of the use of a hydration system can be, for example, playing airsoft, a popular ASG. Particularly hot in the summer when physical effort combined with high temperatures can well finish the body. In the heat of battle and constant intensive movement, we often forget about proper hydration. And nobody seems to want to end the game ahead of time due to dehydration. Then he found a useful hydration system on his back.

Bags for hydration bags

Covers for this system can be worn either under a backpack or in themselves to be rucksacks. It is worth choosing a version depending on the remaining necessary luggage space for fun (for ammunition, first aid kit, flashlight and other accessories). Thanks to the appropriate fixing, nothing disturbs us when moving, does not turn over or leaks.

Bags for hydration bags are worn on the back. That is why their important element are comfortable and adjustable braces and low weight. Most often, in addition to the chamber for a skin, they also have additional smaller pockets for cruise accessories or small items. Sometimes they can be equipped with an additional hip belt and tapes for mounting additional pouches.
The capacity of the hydration system depends on the capacity of the fluid container and the size of the cover. Depending on the chosen model of the cover, it may or may not be accompanied by an appropriate hydration system.

Condor producer

Condor is a brand from the United States that has been in existence for over 20 years. Initially, she was involved in the production of clothes exclusively for outdoor enthusiasts. In the following years, she decided to expand her offer. Currently, Condor has an extensive catalog of its products, including military clothing and accessories. The company specializes in the production of tactical equipment: tactical vests, backpacks, pouches, bags or holsters.

We have the following covers for Condor brand hydration bags in various colors:

  • Condor Hydro Harness Hydration System - MultiCam, Black, Olive Drab, Coyote / Tan
  • Condor Hydration System Oasis Hydration Carrier - Olive Drab, Black, Coyote / Tan
  • Condor Water Hydration Carrier (HC-008) - Multicam
  • Condor Water Hydration Carrier System (HCB-001) - Olive Drab, Black, Coyote / Tan
  • Condor Backpack Fuel Hydration Pack - Olive Drab, Czarny, Coyote / Tan

Manufacturer Pentagon

Pentagon is a Greek company existing since 1991, producing clothing and equipment for tactical and outdoor purposes. Pentagon products are valued for their interesting design, good quality and comfort of use. We offer a wide selection of bags, backpacks, wallets, travel sets, hydration backpacks and pockets.

We have the following covers for Pentagon hydration bags in various colors:

  • Pentagon HYDRATION BAG 2.5L - Black
  • Pentagon HYDRATION BAG 2.5L - Olive Green
  • Pentagon HYDRATION BAG 2.5L - Coyote / Tan
  • Pentagon HYDRATION BAG 2.5L -UCP

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