Pentagon Artaxes jacket

The jacket is an element of the outer wardrobe, which every man has in his wardrobe. It performs primarily a protective function, because it protects against cold and hypothermia. The men's jacket also often has to be simply useful, that is, have pockets in which men can hide the items they need at a given moment. The last issue, however, equally important is fashion. Jackets, as well as other elements of men's clothing, should follow current trends and be a determinant of style. There are many models of men's jackets, the most popular of them being a field jacket, a quilted Husky, a leather or waxed jacket, a park, a pilot and a softshell jacket.

Softshell jacket for variable weather conditions

The name softshell has its source in the definition of hardshell, which means the concept of clothing consisting of three layers such as thermoactive underwear, insulated layer consisting of, for example, a fleece and outer jacket with a membrane. Currently, the material technology has developed and the soft shell is nowadays called breathable and windproof fabric, from which clothes for sports, outdoor, hiking and climbing are sewn. The softshell material consists of three layers, such as outer polyester, membrane and inner, short-cut fleece, making it windproof, breathable and, to a certain extent, also waterproof. Softshell jacket is suited to the majority of climatic conditions, it can be successfully worn in spring, autumn and - with appropriate insulation - also in the winter. The lightweight softshell jacket will be perfect for people practicing various types of sports activities, such as Nordic walking, jogging, trekking or cycling, and for everyone who appreciates comfort and convenience on a daily basis.

Men's pentagon jacket for demanding clients

The Pentagon company has been operating on the market since 1993 and constantly provides its customers with the highest quality products, which are made of the best and very durable materials. Pentagon clothing is mainly aimed at men and maintained in a military style. Men's pentagon jacket is a very functional and comfortable product that provides warmth, waterproofness and, thanks to properly selected colors, allows for a camouflage effect.

Jacket pentagon soft shell for everyone

The Pentagon softshell jacket is the right choice for both military and civilians. Even if we are not supporters of survival and military tactics in general, a military jacket can be useful in many situations every day. We will successfully use it when traveling or when working outdoors when there are difficult weather conditions outside. Pentagon softshell jackets will also guarantee comfort during a hiking trip or bivouac. It should also be noted that for some time there has been fashion for military clothing and many military typefaces are used to create interesting and unique stylizations. A military-style jacket can be an interesting addition to a wardrobe that emphasizes our fascination with the army and military.

Jacket pentagon artaxes storm tex

An example of a jacket that combines functionality and aesthetics of a product is a pentax artaxes storm tex. It is a product made of a three-layer softshell fabric with a Storm / Tex membrane and lined with fleece, which guarantees resistance to adverse weather conditions. The jacket has a two-way zip and six pockets on the body and sleeves. Two of them are on the chest, one on the back, two more are placed in the upper part of the sleeves and one in the lower, left part of the sleeve. All zippered, which protects the contents from accidental loss during work or exercise. Artaxes storm tex jackets are available in eleven color options, such as black, red, coyote / tan, grindle green, wolf gray, midnight blue, pentacamo, olive, navy blue, gr camo and woodland. A wide range of colors and the availability of sizes in the cross-section from xs (extra small) to 4XL (4 extra large) ensures that every gentleman will find a matching jacket.

For the Pentagon softshell jacket, it is also worth choosing the right trousers so that the outer garments create a warm and matching set. Expanding your wardrobe with fleece, sweatshirts, T-shirts, underwear and headgear will allow you to fully enjoy comfortable and good-quality clothing in the military style.

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