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Military pants Pentagon Elgon

Military and military style has never gone out of fashion, it is just over time like jeans. Pentagon military pants are a unique complement to every man's wardrobe. Cargo trousers are pants that can be worn in almost any situation. Are you going with your friends for a fishing trip or a survival week-long trip to the forest? You do not have to think about what pants to take with you. If you care about comfort and comfort, men's trousers will be the best choice. Trousers are also suitable for meeting friends or going on a bike trip. Pants with large, roomy pockets will be useful during any trip outside the city! Their cut provides comfort of movement in all situations, even crisis situations. The reinforced material ensures comfort of movement, the pants will not break when taking a big step through the stream. They are made of material containing 100% cotton, which is why they are light and airy, and at the same time very comfortable. Military pants allow freedom of movement, which is why they are recommended for people doing sports or hiking. They will look great during an evening outing with friends.

Pentagon Elgon men's trousers

The army militias offered by the online military store are extremely durable, made of 100% cotton. Their huge advantage are numerous and roomy pockets, in the upper part there are seven, one hidden zippered. Pockets at the back are fastened with Velcro. On the legs there are two cargo pockets with flaps and Velcro fasteners. At the front, there is an additional magazine pocket on the right leg (AR / M4 or two pistol magazines). Wide belt loops let you wear a belt, thanks to which the trousers fit better to any type of silhouette. In addition, the pants have an adjustable waist belt, as well as elastic straps on the sides and waist. On their knees there are reinforcements with pockets for protectors. Strengthening is also on the back of the pants, thanks to which they are more durable and less susceptible to abrasion or tearing. In the Pentagon military store, quality and appearance go hand in hand. Pants of this type can be freely combined with T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and even sports jackets.

The Pentagon Elgon men's bombers will serve their owner for many years.

Military pants Pentagon

The militias are available in four colors: khaki, black, navy blue and olive green. Pentagon Elgon pants can be ordered in sizes from 40 to 60. Military pants are very pleasant to the touch, the skin breathes and does not sweat like in trousers with an admixture of artificial materials. Cargo trousers are one of the most fashionable and comfortable styles among all available men's trousers.

Pentagon military clothing is characterized by excellent quality and extremely durable material used for production. Manufacturers primarily focus on the functionality of their products, but at the same time take care of their aesthetic appearance. When you buy Pentagon military pants, you will be sure that you will be proud to present yourself not only on the training ground.

Men's trousers

Cargo trousers with characteristic side pockets permanently inscribed in the everyday wardrobe of many a man. They are universal, comfortable and very capacious, which for most is a huge advantage. It is worth having a few pairs of military trousers in your wardrobe, which will give the men unforced nonchalant appearance, full of slack. Cotton trousers will prove themselves in any weather, they are perfect for hot weather, but also for colder days.

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