Men's Pentagon Leonidas men's trousers

     Clothing from our range is something more than a piece of clothing. Our Pentagon Leonidas men's trousers have been designed to work with the body of a man and give him great freedom of movement. Regardless of whether Pentagon men's pants are used at work or outside, they provide a guarantee of high comfort.

Military pants for demanding

      The pants models presented in the assortment were prepared from carefully selected materials. Ripstop fabric is responsible for the properties of the Pentagon men's trousers. The combination of polyester, cotton and elastane ensures proper air permeability as well as clothing laying on the body. It is worth mentioning that the Pentagon Leonidas men's cargo trousers have a special regulation of the circumference, allowing them to be freely placed in the belt. Elastic tapes sewn in the waist and sides, as well as belt loops, which can be put in trousers, ensure comfort in this area.

Pentagon men's trousers for special tasks

      Available in our assortment, Pentagon military pants are a few colors of camouflage material - from classic blacks to light khaki. Each of them is equipped with spacious pockets, located within the reach of a man. Presented Pentagon men's trousers allow you to carry items in two pockets on the front and on the legs, as well as four pockets on the back. Those gentlemen who plan to buy Pentagon Leonidas trousers to perform professional duties in the army or police will certainly be interested in special pockets to carry pistol magazines. Their ergonomic shape and handy placement are a great convenience during work.

Bet on quality - choose a military store

    When choosing military clothing in our store you can be sure about its high quality. Models from the Pentagon are sewn for particularly demanding clients. Selected Pentagon Leonidas men's trousers can be easily used while working in the army, although it is not excluded that non-service persons would acquire them as well. The brand ensures that the models delivered to the market are characterized by a special resistance to tearing, and the material used for production cooperates with the user maximally. Pentagon clothing perfectly fits on the body and has all the properties that tactical clothing should have. Clothes are a subtle combination of aesthetics with extraordinary durability, which is desired by the demanding customers of our store.

Military clothing that allows more

    Presented Pentagon men's pants belong to one of the most carefully designed models on the market. The brand is well aware of the expectations of buyers, which is why both the cut and additional pockets are a carefully thought-out proposal. Our Pentagon military pants have comfortable fastenings, waist adjustments and the option of attaching an additional belt on the prepared loops. If necessary, the user can also use the option of inserting additional knee protectors - Pentagon Leonidas men's trousers have special reinforcements with pockets on their knees. The material is reinforced in the most tear-sensitive areas, which makes it impossible to damage it during operation. Several colors available, easy fastening and, above all, large pockets at the front, back and legs make both the military and those who require unique clothing will be satisfied with having the Pentagon militaria in their wardrobe.

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