Helikon-Tex® Target Mounting Hook® - Brown Grey

Steel hook - Target Mounting Hook® for assembly of targets -SRT Mini Alpha Target®, Small Alpha Target®, Torso Target®. Dimensions: 4.5 x 3 cm. Material: Hardox 600 Steel. RT-MHK-H6-64
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Shooting is a great sport, providing a lot of adrenaline and pleasure, many different shooting forms make us different skills, we become more self-controlled thanks to the static shooting of the shield, we gain better reflexes during the shooting in the trap shooting, and during dynamic shooting we develop our condition and learn control your body under stress and physical exertion. In addition, the skill of firing a firearm may be useful in a crisis situation. All these disciplines, however, require two things, firstly the right weapon, and secondly we must have proper shooting goals. The latter can be purchased in our store.

Paper discs

We offer two types of paper targets, the first one is PXQT - Pistol Excercise / Qualification Target by Helikon-Tex. It is intended for exercises in defensive shooting with the use of a pistol. Specially designed for a set of exercises used by the largest government agencies in training their officers. Each field of this shield is prepared to perform a specific exercise with a pistol. The second professional paper disk we offer is RXQT - Rifle Excercise / Qualification Target, also from Helikon-Tex, this shield is designed for training in defensive and dynamic shooting with the use of rifles and carabiners. As in the case of a paper target for a pistol, also here the fields correspond to specific exercises, they are adapted to the qualification standards used in the dynamic shooting qualification. Both discs have a patented, proprietary design.

Steel discs

In our shop you can buy SRT plates made of Helikon-Tex Hardox 600 steel. These are excellent shooting targets for shooting in dynamic and static competitions, pistol ammunition, smoothbore ammunition (including Slug, or breneki), as well as rifle ammunition for .308 Win caliber (however it can not be type ammunition). AP with a steel core that can damage the shooting target, lead to ricocheting and is prohibited in Poland for civilian applications). An additional advantage of these shooting goals is the ability to shoot from both sides, which significantly increases its lifespan.

Steel firing targets appear in our shop in three variants, the first one is SRT TORSO Target Plate - Hardox 600 Steel, whose dimensions and shape correspond to the IDPA silhouette standard. The second type is Small ALPHA Target SRT Plate - Hardox 600 Steel, whose shape and size correspond to the IPSC Alpha target standard. The third option is the SRT Mini ALPHA Target Plate - Hardox 600 Steel, corresponding to the IPSC Alpha Mini standard. All blades are available in white.
These excellent goals of the recognized Helikon-Tex company guarantee successful training of dynamic shooting in accordance with the standards of the largest federations that bring together athletes of this discipline, they will certainly help in achieving great results in competitions.

Mounts and bases for discs

However, the shooting target can not hang in the air, which is why in our store you can buy the appropriate racks and other elements needed to attach the shield of both paper and steel SRT plates. We offer the Metal Stand of Helikon-Tex. It is a folding target base SRT - ALPHA, is equipped with three holes designed for the assembly of wooden slats, which are then assembled with a hook and a single, both previously described types, you can install on it both steel targets with Hardox 600 as well as paper targets. The base is fixed to the ground with the use of pins designed for this purpose. You do not need any tools to mount the target base. The base is made of high quality steel, and the set includes both pins for attaching the base to the ground, as well as the mounting hook.

In our offer you will also find the SRT Target Mounting Hook hook from Helikon-Tex for mounting previously described shooting targets, and SRT TARGET WOODEN SUPPORT strip for the same company, intended for use in the Metal Stand.

This set will allow you to easily and without much difficulty install the necessary shooting targets on the track to perform dynamic shooting or shooting range, thus guaranteeing trouble-free training and the opportunity to focus on the grinding of your shooting skills and results. Thanks to the Helikon-Tex shooting goals available in our store, you will definitely become a better shooter than before.

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