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Men's Briefs - Men's Boxer Shorts

Underwear is one of the basic elements of clothing. Contrary to appearances, her choice can not be accidental. It's part of the outfit that's closest to the body. It should therefore be made of the best quality materials that ensure maximum protection of intimate parts of the body. In addition, it should let the air in and stop the moisture. It is important that the boxers and briefs are well-arranged, do not restrict movement and provide comfort during the whole time of wearing, even throughout the day.

Men may pay less attention to this detail to a lesser extent. However, awareness is constantly increasing and more and more men consciously choose the right kind of panties for activity or professional work. Every day, the best are underpants and boxers made of soft fabrics, such as cotton, reinforced with elastane or lycra. Thanks to this, they are at the same time close to the body, but they do not overpress the delicate body spheres. Special seams prevent abrasions and support the panties exactly where they should be.

Men's briefs - why is it worth choosing?

Men's briefs are part of the bottom garment. This is a personal underwear with a cut, characteristic cut. These types of panties reach from the waist to the thigh, they do not have legs. First of all, they perform a useful, aesthetic and protective function for the most intimate parts of the male body. It is a combination of practical and comfortable form with simplicity and attention to good looks. Especially recommended for men who work for a long time in a sitting position (eg in the office, behind the wheel of a vehicle) and engage in various types of sports.

Elastic waist and side elastics ensure that the briefs stay firm and do not move, even when making intense movements. At the same time, they are flexible enough not to overpress the sensitive elements. Care should be taken to choose the right size to prevent dangerous consequences, such as a hernia.

The briefs are designed to keep the intimate parts of the body in a fixed position. In addition, well-cut pants model the buttocks. As a result, this type of underwear is perfect for pants or made of thin material, as well as tight jeans or leather. They maintain the body temperature, prevent chafes thanks to a special construction. For men's convenience they can have a special front opening (so-called fly) without fastening or fastened with one or several buttons.

Perhaps male boxers - their advantages

Men's boxers are characterized primarily by having longer or shorter legs. For many men, they perform a replacement function for short pants. Usually, boxer shorts have a fly, which can be buttoned or not. They are definitely looser than the briefs, which makes them usually chosen by men who value more comfort and freedom. Perfect, for example, under sweatpants, loose jeans, trousers or other loose-cut pants in the part of the stride. They do not deform under the clothing.

In summer, men's boxer shorts are a replacement for classic shorts. Sometimes reinforced with a panty part made of mesh, to maintain intimate parts of the body. Current trends also allow for more tailored cuts, made of materials closer to the body. They are distinguished from slips by having legs. The name of this type of panties comes from clothing, which is characteristic of boxers in the ring. Many models have a high neck, loose enough to allow it to hide too big belly, which optically slims the figure. Such functions may be performed by models such as comfort boxer shorts. However, excessive pressure should be avoided so as not to create unsightly folds.

Thermoactive underwear for those who require special protection

Thermoactive underwear is a type of bottom clothing. It can be either upper (eg T-shirt, T-shirt with long sleeves) and bottom (eg shorts, leggings, underpants) element of the outfit. It is made of a special kind of synthetic knitwear (eg coolmax, thermalite, wool from sheep marynos). This type of underwear has properties that make the moisture is drained from the skin, thanks to which the interior remains dry, despite the increased physical effort.
Thermoactive underwear is based on the principle of temperature differences between the human body and the environment. It maintains heat regardless of changing weather conditions. It is ideal, for example, for a ski suit or a running or cycling outfit. In addition, its feature is that it can help fat burning. Thanks to a special mesh in strategic places, he takes moisture and drains it outside.

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