Climbing pants / trekking pants Pentagon

Pentagon climbing pants offer unmatched workmanship, thanks to which they are chosen wherever uncompromising quality counts and independence from external conditions - rain, dust, sand, dust or snow. Their military pedigree ensures that the Pentagon men's pants will give invaluable merit even at the end of the world. Mountain passes somewhere in the Himalayas? Pentagon Hydra trousers were often there as the equipment of intrepid climbers. Unavailable wilderness of the Kalahari desert? And there you can meet Pentagon products. These pants are eagerly chosen by military, military technology enthusiasts or people involved in the staging of battle scenes. Their camouflage is also important. Camouflage type Coyote / Tan is a way to reach the target like a desert fox - quickly and imperceptibly.

Softshell pants / pants in top - modern fabrics, high quality.

Pentagon climbing pants consist of 100 percent ultra-modern soft-shell polyester, a fabric that achieves unprecedented success on the market. Everyone who is interested in trekking, mountain climbing or survival has heard about softshell. Pentagon Hydra pants also consist of this great material. Thanks to that, we will not be scared of unexpected sandstorms or cloudbursts. Even during an afternoon trip in the woods, we will be delighted with the comfort of wearing and very thoughtful reinforcements, placing this model among the best clothing ever to come from the human hand.

Pentagon climbing pants - to get to the tops.

Climbing pants Pentagon doing great in climbing sports. They will be appreciated by tourists as well as trekkers, or simply people who like to spend time actively in the mountains. Outstanding durability has gained wide recognition over the last dozen or so years, since they have become permanent for sale. Timelessness is a characteristic feature of Pentagon products - the Greek leader in the production of outdoor clothing. A well thought out design allows you to hide the most essential items without worrying about damaging or losing them. In total, six pockets are available - two at the front, where we can put often used things, two at the back, zippered, protecting us from losing them and two in the back. The back pockets are cargo pockets, and so fastened so that none of them get out. Pentagon climbing pants are a model for other manufacturers in terms of effective use of space. It's amazing how the Pentagon has improved something seemingly immutable - and therefore the design of outdoor pants. Now, thanks to ingenious Greeks, we can go anywhere without hesitation.

Pentagon - a company with traditions.

The Greek company Pentagon is from 1993 the leader in the sale of clothing for outdoor, tactical and military purposes. Pentagon is a valued manufacturer of uniforms for the army and police, specializing in equipment capable of surviving the toughest, most demanding challenges - regardless of latitude.

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