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The mountains have always attracted enthusiasts of beautiful landscapes and those seeking tranquility. Most people who have been trekking so far will start climbing sooner or later. It is not about seeking new impressions, but about another form of spending free time in the mountains. Anyone who left his heart high above sea level will understand it.

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High-end climbing Pentagon Vorras climbing pants, offered in the Pentagon store, are the perfect combination of functionality and modern design. They are perfect as both trekking and climbing pants. This solution allows us to limit the number of things that we must take on hiking in the mountains.
Climbing pants for all weather Climbing pants must be made of high quality materials, resistant not only to dirt but also to destruction. The fibers from which the Pentagon men's trousers are made will dry up quickly and will not crumple. In addition, they are characterized by high abrasion resistance. Properly located pockets not only allow you to hide small things, but do not interfere with the time of leading a traditional road, during which often reach for the so-called. szpej.

Zipped pockets are a guarantee of safety for things left in them.

Pentagon Vorras pants made of nylon fibers do not let the wind through, therefore they are perfect for the worst weather conditions. Nylon will protect us not only from mud and earth, but also from the unpleasant, piercing wind prevailing in the area exposed. While waiting for a partner on the multi-stretch route, we must maintain a constant body temperature. Freezing the body can lead to mistakes when climbing. Errors that can cost us not only health but also our and our partner's life. Extremely pleasant to the touch, nylon provides comfort while wearing.

Pentagon climbing pants - perfect for any trip Pentagon climbing pants are 100% made of nylon fibers. Having a long leg protects the user against abrasion, which occurs on rocks or high mountains. Fastened with a snap and YKK zipper facilitate carrying. Two large pockets at the front and two pockets at the back fastened with zips remain at the users' disposal. In addition, two cargo pockets on the legs fastened with zippers allow you to store your mobile phone. Additionally reinforced on the knees, they have special pockets for additional protectors and an additional layer of fabric on the back of the trousers. For people with a height or weight loss, special belt loops have been installed, which can be used as an element to which we attach a bone wrench. Unlike most, Pentagon climbing trousers have a reinforcement at the bottom edge of the leg, which protects them from fraying against sharp edges of stones and welts, allowing you to adjust the width of the leg. Correct venting is guaranteed by the ventilation holes fastened under net zippers under the cargo pockets.

Pentagon pants

The pentagon company specializes in the production of high-quality military clothing. Adjusted to functionality and creates clothing adapted to the changing weather conditions prevailing in the area inhabited by us. Perfect for both plains and steep rocks. Climbing season fully. Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska and Sokoliki are waiting for more climbers.

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