Pentagon Gomati men's trousers

Modern solutions in sewing military clothing are revealed in the combination of a comfortable cut that is unrestricted and has an attractive appearance. Such fashion trends were introduced by the Greek company Pentagon. One of the high-quality models are the Pentagon Gomati men's pants, distinguished by their excellent ergonomics, thanks to which lovers of off-road rallies, tactical games and mountain hikes can equip themselves with professional military clothing.

Pentagon Gomati men's pants for men's trips

The Pentagon men's trousers are made of 100% Nylon Rip-Stop quick-drying material, which provides users with comfort while wearing them. On warm and moist days, these men's trousers will be a practical solution and will be ideal for outdoor activities. In addition, this type of material will provide reliable protection against UV radiation thanks to the 50SPF sun protection properties.

Looking for military trousers that will work in difficult conditions, Pentagon men's trousers are what provide comfort without worrying about quick destruction. In addition, they are equipped with a YKK zipper with automatic locking, side cargo pockets on the legs with Velcro flaps to store necessary items. Pentomat Gomati men's pants have reinforced knee and buttock lines, two additional pockets at the front and two at the back with Velcro flaps. Many handy things, without which you can not go on various men's expeditions, can be placed in these spacious nooks and crannies.

The Pentagon Gomati men's trousers also work and walk around the city

Due to the military cut, military pants are an excellent choice for hiking and shooting - tactical activities. Nylon Rip-stop material is very durable, breathable, but at the same time has waterproof properties. Military pants are ideal not only for outdoor activities, but also for urban conditions, they are distinguished by a good fit to the figure and blend in with the urban style - casual. These tactical pants with a lightweight fabric reinforced with Rip-Stop technology are characterized by increased tensile strength.
Anatomical cut of the knee area provides freedom of movement and special stitching around the crotch provides additional durability. A bright hue of khaki sand in men's pants Pentagon Gomati protects against excessive heating in the sun, and is suitable for everyday trips to work, for a walk to meet friends.

Tactical Pentagon softshell pants for all terrain and weather conditions

Tactical Pentagon softshell pants are designed for use in harsh weather conditions, where not only protection against weather conditions is important, but also high durability and durability. The softshell men's suits work in any terrain because of their ergonomics, they are perfect for action in the mountains, walks in the bosom of nature or tactical operations.
Pentagon softshell pants combine a comfortable and functional cut of tactical modern models, effective materials for outdoor clothing and rock climbing. Pants can be successfully used in wet conditions. The pants are made of 100% Rip-stop Nylon, which provides them with good protection against moisture, is distinguished by high durability and comfort of wearing. The knees, ankle area and belt are additionally reinforced with an additional layer of flexible nylon with Rip-Stop weaving. All seams are double sewn, and the most important places even triple, so that they do not tear along the seam even at high loads.

The military store has military clothing on sale, including Pentagon softshell trousers

The softshell men's pants have a practical pocket set to accommodate everything a user may need. Two deep pockets at the front. The edge of the pocket is reinforced to protect against abrasion when carrying a knife, flashlight or multi-functional tool. Two side cargo pockets have a low profile, but at the expense of the original cut they can increase their volume. At the back there are two pockets with Velcro and buttons. You can store documents or even a small wallet. Also in the pants there is an internal secret pocket for the most valuable items (keys, cards, documents). An important function of military trousers is that the material dries quickly and removes moisture from the body.

The Pentagon fighters will meet people's expectations of any type of activity

The Pentomat Gomati lightweight trousers can be used for a variety of purposes including everyday use, they are a modification of standard military trousers and maybe that's why they have also made people who do not have to deal with sports and physical activity. This is a great option to wear in the city, or when shooting on hot days.

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