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Polar fleece Helikon Tex - a champion among fleets

The Helikon Tex Alpha men's sweatshirt is an absolute champion among fleets. Perfectly holding heat, it will always provide you with the reliable quality you need in critical situations. This sweatshirt manufactured by the well-known and reputable company Helikon Tex is often used by soldiers, tourists, hunters and people engaged in trekking. In a word - all requiring the highest class product, never disappointing. Is it raining heavy or snowstorm - the Helikon Tex Alpha sweatshirt is always at the station to provide you with a reliable source of heat.

Men's Helikon Tex sweater - uncompromising material and workmanship.

Men's fleece Helikon tex is a zippered sweatshirt that is widely used. You can carry it under the "Soft shell" jacket, but there is nothing to prevent you from wearing Helikon tex as the only source of heat. Reticulated fleece is the material that passes the most demanding exams around the world. Made up of 100% polyester, you will forget about the existence of easily-soaking cotton. Helikon tex men's fleece is something far beyond the limitations of traditional clothing. It's the best!

Fleece sweatshirt / sweatshirt - the choice is one!

Men's sweatshirt / men's sweatshirts - these are the slogans who sleep in eyeliners at military branches around the world. A good fleece sweatshirt can tip the scales of victory on our side, so choosing the outfit for the toughest battles is a matter of the highest rank. The Helikon Tex Alpha sweatshirt is equipped with the YKK zipper, a famous company that produces most zips around the world. This recommendation makes an impression! Polar Helikon tex is available under several colors. Black camouflage is perfect for nocturnal trips, where it counts to be unnoticed. Foresters and hunters will appreciate it. By day, the color of Olive Green will work.

Helikon Tex - a company with traditions

The Helikon Tex men's polar fleece is one of the flagship products of the Helikon Tex company, a legendary Polish manufactory, since 1983 engaged in the production of reliable outdoor, military and survival clothing. It is amazing how a great contribution to the world of military clothing has this producer located in Miękinia. Many pioneer ideas were created there. See for yourself that a simple fleece jacket thanks to Helikon Tex can be a unique travel companion.

Military clothing - not only for the army!

Men's Helikon Tex Alpha is the perfect choice for everyone - not just a professional soldier. Hunters and tourists will also appreciate amenities such as three independent pockets, each with a zip-up zipper. Other manufacturers do not even use zip fasteners - and title their survival suits! Helikon tex Alpha men's sweatshirt shows a place in a number of competition and proves that the Polish company Helikon tex is the Polish, highest quality.

Military store Hwesta - here you will find everything that is important.

Men's polar Helikon tex is one of many items available for purchase in You will also find hundreds of other outdoor and tourist items. Many types of trousers or jackets are on the first place in rankings maintained by renowned magazines. Hwesta proves that passion allows you to achieve heights in all areas of life. Products such as the Helikon-Tex® discussed here, ALPHA Grid Fleece are just one example. We invite you to look at the other items!

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