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SoftShells Jacket

Choosing a jacket that provides excellent protection during running and other activities and is suitable for both walking and work is not easy. Looking for a high quality model, you may have come across a term: "Soft shell jacket". What does this mean? What are the advantages of soft shell jackets?

Soft shell jacket

"Soft" in English means soft and gentle. These jackets are characterized by a soft material and high breathability, which makes them comfortable to wear. They were created as an opposition to the so-called hard shell, i.e. clothes consisting of three layers: thermoactive underwear, fleece layer and a jacket with a membrane. Such a set provided excellent protection against rain and wind. However, waterproof materials negatively affected the breathability of the jacket, especially during physical activity or work. soft shell jackets are waterproof. Although they do not provide waterproofing, they provide excellent protection against wind and thermal insulation. Initially, the soft shell jacket was devoid of a membrane. Today we can find models with a membrane that are suitable for cooler months. The most popular is the Windblocker, with pores larger than waterproof models. It is completely windproof and provides better breathability than rainproof membranes.

Soft shell winter jackets

Soft shell winter jackets are finished with fleece on the inside and the outer fabric is a three-layer polyester, which perfectly protects against wind. Many models feature a membrane between the outer layer and the fleece. Such a jacket will work perfectly during winter activities, because it is characterized by very good breathability. It allows you to feel comfortable during a greater physical effort. Soft shell winter jackets do not have taped seams, so they breathe better than traditional rain models, but they will successfully protect us from the passing rain. However, they are not adapted for rainstorms. As you can see, it is much more common for the body to cool down under the influence of cold wind, not rain. In soft shell jackets, the outer polyester layer, like an armour, protects against the wind, providing thermal comfort.

Pentagon soft shell jackets

Pentagon soft shell jackets are high quality products for the most demanding customers. Although Pentagon deals with military clothing, it also finds supporters among people who are not associated with the military. It offers functional jackets with fleece lining. The inner fleece with a short cut prevents the body from becoming cold and provides thermal comfort. Pentagon soft shell jackets chosen for cooler months should be more matched. They should not be too wide or too tight to provide the best possible wind protection. The hood, which is most often detachable, plays an important role in this type of jackets. The welts on the sleeves are very practical and will help to increase the comfort of wearing, especially in bad weather conditions.

Helikon Tex soft shell jackets

Helikon Tex soft shell jackets are useful for sports activities in changing weather conditions. It is a perfect choice for mountain hiking or climbing. They are also a popular choice for everyday use or work during cloudy skies or windy days. They are successfully used by uniformed services and hunters. Helikon Tex soft shell jackets are extremely functional - with a large number of pockets on the chest, shoulders, lumbar and inside. Thanks to this, we do not need to carry a backpack or a bag, because the spacious pockets will hold all the necessary utensils. Some models are distinguished by special underarm ventilators, which make it easier for moisture to escape to the outside. A high stand-up collar and small material chin covers, which will allow you to feel comfortable in all weather conditions, are also perfect. Soft shell jackets stop the wind and at the same time ensure high breathability. Their task is to maintain thermal comfort. They are willingly chosen by athletes, to work, as well as during everyday activities.

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