Tactical and military backpacks

Are you a fan of military style? Are you looking for powerful equipment for special tasks? A tactical or military backpack can be the perfect choice. It is very durable, resistant to damage and holds all the necessary gadgets.

Military backpack

The military backpack is distinguished by a system of tactical equipment, which increases its capacity for additional equipment. The MOLLE system, i.e. horizontal straps that allow you to attach many gadgets to the backpack, which it is good to always have at hand. This is a great way to increase the capacity of your pocket. Helikon-Tex company can boast of backpacks designed by specialists in the field of survival art. Some models can also be used as a seat and insulation for sleeping. The Helikon Tex backpack is padded with Velcro Velcro on the inside. This allows you to personalize it by attaching emblems and patches and installing additional elements. A typical military backpack is also characterized by a special camouflage, which is perfect for many types of terrain. An example can be a Pentagon backpack in neutral greys or a frosty pattern.

Tactical backpack

Tactical backpack is made of materials that are characterized by very high durability. Most often it is resistant to abrasion cordura, which does not lose its exceptional parameters even under the influence of weather conditions or penetration through a dense forest. Such material has, among others, a Direct Action backpack. Its outer surface is coated with a layer of Teflon, which increases resistance to dirt and water resistance. What is more, the fabric of this structure is light, which is important for large and capacious backpacks. The renowned company Condor backpack also has a lot to offer us. It is equipped with a hydration system that guarantees constant access to the drink and protects it from mud and dust. The skull has a wide entrance and a flow switch at the end of the drinking tube. A beaver tail panel is also a practical solution, which makes Condor's backpack stand out. It allows you to easily carry your helmet or combat helmet.

Backpacks up to 35 litres

Backpacks up to 35 litres are also called city backpacks or 1-day packs. In these sizes, the main compartment is usually closed with a zipper. An interesting option is a zipper, which can be proud of the Pentagon backpack. It is located on the three sides of the backpack and opens like a suitcase for easy packaging and quick access to the contents. Often, a military backpack has an additional pocket or organizer compartment. This allows for easy and efficient access to useful tools such as a multitool and a torch. You won't have to search all your luggage at the least opportune time. Tactical backpacks up to 35 liters are used not only by soldiers, but also by active physical persons. For example, lovers of mountain trips or tent trips and amateurs of riding a standard bicycle, as well as extreme.

Backpacks 35 - 55 litres

These are so-called weekend backpacks, or 3-day pack. The bigger and heavier the model, the more decent carrying system it should have. Good quality backpacks rest comfortably on the back, because they are equipped with a hip belt, chest belt and soft shoulders. 35-55 litre backpacks usually have a wide and wide belt, which means that they are mainly loaded on the hips, not the shoulders. Among the larger models, the chimney with a flap is a popular closure. Such a solution can be found in Helikon Tex backpack. This increases the capacity of the backpack even by a few liters. Thanks to the fact that the flap is equipped with height adjustment, its closing is more efficient, especially when the backpack is fully packed. A noteworthy addition, which often have a backpack of 35-55 liters, are compression belts. They allow you to reduce the volume of luggage if it is not fully packed and stabilize its content. Belts that have a Direct Action backpack can also be used to carry larger sizes of equipment, such as karimat.

A tactical or military backpack will be perfect for difficult terrain, for example during survival expeditions. It is also often used by amateurs of sports and mountain trips. It is a durable choice, which is characterized by very high durability and functionality. 

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