.... or a bag. For weapons. From a small, slim Single Pistol Wallet® to a large, stiffened Rangemaster Bag®.

Depending on whether you need to move your "handheld" Glock, two Glock, a rifle, or all of it at once and attach to it all the equipment and accessories you need, in our range of Helikon-Tex® bags you will find exactly that , what you need.

The Single Pistol Wallet®️ perfectly protects the weapon during transport. The basic version will fit a revolver or a full-size pistol and two carabiners. The whole interior is padded with velcro, thanks to which, depending on your needs, you can modify them with the help of additional organizers.

Double Pistol Wallet® is a larger cousin, adapted to carry two pistols and three magazines. There will also be space for small accessories. Included in the set are a mounting tape for the gun and Triple Elastic Insert®️ module, which will allow you to safely transfer magazines without moving in a bag.

The Basic Rifle Case®️ can accommodate an AR15 size carabiner with a telescope. Thanks to the compatibility of the interior with the Versatile Insert System®, they can be adapted to your personal preferences and needs. The bag can be worn on an adjustable shoulder strap or, if necessary, unclipped and stored, and the Basic Rifle Case can be moved with two handles. For carrying small accessories, the manufacturer has provided two outer pockets.

Double Upper Rifle Bag 18®️ is a large bag designed to carry two AK carabiners, two short AR carbine rifles or an AR carabiner with two barrels and an installed optics. It has an additional three external pockets, each of which has a Velcro panel compatible with the Versatile Insert System®, in the main chamber there is a set of links from the tape that allow mounting and securing the weapon.

Range Bag®️ medium-sized, with stiffened walls that secure the equipment accordingly. The Range bag is ideal for carrying everyday accessories. In order to improve the comfort of use, it opens not only from the top, but also you can open one of the side walls, which gives great comfort and ease of use. By means of Velcro panels, you can customize the interior to your needs.

Rangemaster Gear Bag®️ designed for those who spend most of their lives on the shooting range or need one bag to carry a large amount of equipment. It is the larger sister of the Range Bag®️, and its center has been designed to ensure maximum use of space and to adapt it to the user's needs. It is worth mentioning that the Rangemaster Gear Bag®® can be folded up to take up less space if necessary.

For all this, you can equip yourself with the Case Service®, which was created to complement the equipment of the shooting bags. You will find a place in it for everything that will be needed for the maintenance and repair of weapons. In the set you will find a mat and a gun cleaning cuvette.

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