Good camouflage? Check out the types of camouflage and choose the best!

Proper selection of camouflage is not a key issue only for military formations or special services, it is also useful during airsoft operations or survival expeditions.

Below are some of the most popular camouflages among our clients.

1. US Woodland - a camouflage of American armed forces, used in units such as the United States Air Force, USMC, United States Navy and US Army. Developed in 1981 and first used in the BDU uniform. A four-color pattern with high contrast with irregular markings in black, brown, green and beige. Designed also in desert version - US Desert.

2. PL Woodland - camouflage of the Polish Army since 1993. At the beginning designed for GROM units, later adopted it in other formations. Designed also in the Desert version - PL Desert

3. Digital Woodland - designed in the style of the Marathon used by the United States Marine Corps, the US Marines. It uses pixel, small camouflage in two versions: forest and UCP

4. MultiCam®️ - was to be adapted to each type of terrain and used by the United States Army, which, however, rejected it for the benefit of UCP camouflage. It was later modified and introduced for civil use. It has also become popular with special services, and many camouflages modeled on MultiCam have been created and are used today, for example in the Polish ABW, BOR and Special Forces. Its derivative is also available from us Camogrom.

5. Flectarn - the best known version contains 5 colors, and thanks to the use of small spots of irregular shapes we get a distracting effect. It was created for use in forest areas and was used already during the Second World War.

6. Pencott Greenzone - A very desirable camouflage in airsoft environments. Well-made set provides great camouflage in forests and green areas. Two other variants have been created: desert Pencott Sandstorm and autumn Pencott Badlands.

7. Kryptek - a pattern resembling snake skin in places, which makes it original and has good camouflage properties. It is not as popular as the iconic Woodland or Multicam, but it still gains its supporters. The most popular varieties are Kryptek Highlander for masking in rocky and sandy areas and Kryptek Mandrake, which will work well in wooded areas.

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