The new EDC backpack from Helikon-Tex in two types: EDC and EDC Lite.

Backpacks EDC®️ and and his lighter brother EDC Lite®️ is a great proposition for the user who appreciates the convenience, simplicity and functionality of everyday accessories. The main difference between backpacks is not their capacity, because in both cases it is 18l, and their weight. The EDC Lite® backpack is two times lighter than the EDC® backpack. The difference in weight results from the difference in the material used to sew the backpack. EDC®️ is made of heavier Cordura and its Lite®️ version with a lightweight Rip-stop. The lighter version also does not have a hip belt or a bag for the hydration system bag. It is equipped with a stretch of elastic cord that allows you to attach, for example, a light jacket.

Backpacks Every-day Carry is an option for people who value durability and reliability, while waiting for simplicity and "casual" look, which is great for everyday use.

Everyday Carry will soon be available for purchase in the store.