SoftShell Jackets - what should you know?

The best softshell jackets for summer expeditions - which one to choose?

Summer is coming, and with it the most volatile and unpredictable weather. We have bright mornings, hot afternoons and rainy evenings. Despite the high temperatures in such conditions, it is not difficult to get a cold. An ordinary sweatshirt when the rain catches us, will soak completely in a few minutes, and it will take several hours to dry it out. It will also not save us from a strong, penetrating wind.

Who among us did not go on a hot summer day for a trip, after which it turned out that despite the beautiful sun the wind is blowing and every now and then there is a brief drizzle?

The ideal solution for such situations are SoftShell jackets.

SoftShell is almost all the properties that we require from individual types of clothing, only closed in one jacket.
The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that SoftShell jackets are not raincoats. Their material is water-resistant, i.e. it will protect you against a delicate, short rain, but the protection against it is limited. Designers had to go for a compromise by combining thermoactive underwear, a jacket with a membrane and a fleece. A breathable and windproof jacket was obtained, which is adapted to protect against small rain.

How to choose the perfect SoftShell?

First of all, you need to answer the question of how, how intensely and under what conditions will you use your new jacket? Is it to serve you during walks or trekking, or are you planning a trip to places where the strong wind almost goes away? If SoftShell will serve you as a city summer jacket, you only need a version without a membrane. This version will quickly wick moisture away (of course, if you put a layer made of breathable material under it!), Providing you with comfort even when running or walking hard. If you are exposed to stronger wind, you will need a windblocker jacket

When choosing a jacket for yourself, you must pay attention so that it is perfectly matched to the body. If SoftShell is too loose for you, it will not fulfill its role properly, because even if it maintains its breathing properties, it certainly will not provide you with adequate protection against the wind.

It is also worth paying attention to such things as underarm vents, which significantly increase breathability and facilitate the drainage of moisture to the outside. Strippers will help you to better match the jacket to your body, which will allow you to achieve better breathability and windproofness. The hood - protects the head and ears from chilling.
An important element in choosing SoftShell is also the number of pockets. If you do not intend to carry a backpack or a bag with you, it is worth keeping the jacket in addition to the standard two outer pockets on the hips with additional pockets, for example on the chest, inner pocket, etc.
In the offer of our store you will find several models of SoftShell jackets.

From the lightweight Windrunner® jacket that you can easily fold and fit into your bag or larger pocket, through the Trooper® jacket, its warmer Gunfighter® brother equipped with a fleece lining, a Cougar® jacket with a membrane, and a Jackal® jacket with fleece and net and a skirting thermal near the castle.

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