Morakniv® Bushcraft Forest
Morakniv® Bushcraft Forest
Morakniv® Bushcraft Forest
Morakniv® Bushcraft Forest
Morakniv® Bushcraft Forest
Morakniv® Bushcraft Forest

Morakniv® Bushcraft Forest - Stainless Steel - Olive Green

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Bushcraft Forest Knife (ID 12493) of Morakniv®. Made of Swedish stainless steel with a practical profile grind, perfect for hunting for example. NZ-FOR-SS-02

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Both the handle and sheath of this knife are forest green in color, making it a model that blends in with terrain surroundings. The profile grinding of the blade is another distinct characteristic of this knife, which is perfect when you need high precision in your work.

The blade is made of Swedish stainless steel with a practical profile grind, perfect for hunting for example. The quality of the steel means the blade stays sharp for longer, is very resistant to attrition, and has a high carve strength. The military green shaft has a handy friction grip and the discrete sheath in the same color contains a practical belt clip.


  • Blade length: 109 mm
  • Total knife length: 232 mm
  • Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
  • Blade hardness: 56 - 58 HRC
Camouflage / Colour
Olive Green
Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel
Handle made of plastic
Type of blade
Sheath / Clip
Plastic sheath with plastic rotating frog
Steel Hardness
57-58 HRC

Morakniv - about the brand

The Swedish company Mora producing cutting tools by Morakniv belongs to the leading European companies offering, among others, tourist, craft, fishing and hunting knives. Morakniv knives are manufactured using modern technological processes that enable obtaining the highest quality steel. The company, meeting the expectations of customers, offers a diverse range of more expensive knives dedicated to professionals as well as cheaper products for general applications. A common feature of all Morakniv products is the highest quality of blades, characterized by long-term durability enabling long and trouble-free use.

Morakniv knives - product characteristics

The Morakniv brand is a professional tool with a permanent blade with a precise application. Customers can choose from Morakniv military knives used by professional military units as well as wood knives. The brand manufacturer's offer also includes Morakniv axes that are great for survival expeditions or camping, as well as tactical Morakniv tactical knives that feature functionalities. In addition, Mora's extensive offer includes Morakniv butterflies characterized by their small dimensions and Macakniv macaques with a larger cutting surface. Customers can also purchase a Morakniv chisel for work requiring precision and durability, as well as a set of Morakniv knives that differ, e.g. due to the purpose or length and shape of the blade. Selected cutting tools are offered with a sheath on the blade. An additional advantage of the Mora range is the rich color of the products and the variety in terms of length and shape of the cutting part, which affects the attractiveness of the manufacturer's offer.

Military knives Morakniv Vs. tactical knives Morakniv

Mora offers professional military knives and Morakniv tactical knives that withstand the toughest environmental conditions, including humidity, dustiness and high and low air temperatures. In addition, products for professional tactical applications are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and wear and tear. This is influenced by the use of the highest quality steel for the production of knife blades, including C100 Carbon carbon steel, characterized by hardness of about 59-60HRC. Morakniv tactical knives and army knives are characterized by because:

  • camouflage (including black, olive green, wood, flat dark earth),
  • steel (ie carbon steel C100 Carbon, stainless steel, sandvik 12C27 stainless steel),
  • production material of the handle (including plastic, wood, rubber elements),
  • blade type (including drop point plan, profiled blade, plain, combo, clip point)
  • steel hardness (ie 57-58HRC, 59-60HRC),
  • the type of vagina.

Military knives and Morakniv tactical knives were factory protected against corrosion, which affects their useful life. An additional advantage of knives designed for tactical military operations is the variety of used production materials due to adaptation to precise environmental conditions. Both Morakniv military knives and Morakniv tactical knives are characterized by functional usability and are intended for professional use in tactical and military operations.

A set of Morakniv knives

Mora's various cutting tools include: Morakniv knives set. The company Mora allows you to acquire a set of knives characterized by a unique look in a functional traditional leather cover. The cover can be hung or rolled, which does not affect comfortable access to the knives placed in it. The set includes, among others the following knives:

  • for bread,
  • chef,
  • for vegetables and fruit,
  • knife sharpener,
  • for classic and professional meat.

Morakniv knives set are hand-made cutting tools characterized by precision and durability. All knives have been designed with the users' safety in mind, ie the geometry of the handle protects the user's fingers from injury.

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