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A manufacturer of tactical, expedition and everyday equipment. The offer of Baribal Poland® includes kidney bags, EDC organizers, equipment for shooting enthusiasts, an extensive line of Cargo pockets and numerous accessories.

Baribal® Tactical MINI EDC... Baribal® Tactical MINI EDC...
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Tactical Waist Bag
Baribal Poland®

Baribal® Tactical MINI EDC Kidney - Black

The Tactical MINI EDC Kidney is the perfect solution for carrying the most necessary things that we want to have always at hand.
Baribal® Tactical Wallet... Baribal® Tactical Wallet...
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Tactical Wallet
Baribal Poland®

Baribal® Tactical Wallet Weles II EDC - Black

The very roomy Weles II EDC tactical wallet from Baribal Poland® provides space for a large number of cards, banknotes and coins.
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