Direct Action Skeletonized Shotgun Shell Flap - Coyote

Direct Action Skeletonized Shotgun Shell Flap - Coyote

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The Skeletonized Shotgun Shell Flap by Direct Action is designed for attachment to BEARCAT® and SPITFIRE® carrying systems, and it is compatible with MOLLE/PALS.

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The Skeletonized Shotgun Shell Flap from Direct Action is an advanced skeletonized panel with pouches designed specifically for BEARCAT vests and the SPITFIRE system. This flap allows you to carry three magazines for M4/A15 rifles and up to 15 shotgun shells. The top of the magazines is secured by elastic bungee cord straps. Thanks to its skeletal construction, this flap not only features a minimalist design but is also one of the lightest panels on the market. It is covered with a specially designed modular system compatible with MOLLE/PALS and laser-cut for precision. The flap is attached to plate carrier vests using upper clips. Furthermore, there is the option to easily transform it into a compact chest rig using a separately available interface, which is offered as a standalone product.

  • Three single magazine pouches for M4/AR15
  • 15 elastic loops for carrying single shotgun shells
  • Ultra-light construction made of Cordura 500D laminate
  • Laser cut PALS/MOLLE
  • Fastened with Velcro and buckles
  • Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 134 g
  • Material: Cordura®500D
  • Available colors: Black, Adaptive Green, Coyote, Multicam, PenCott WildWood, Ranger Green, US Woodland
  • Product code: PC-SKSF-CD5
  • Producer: Direct Action

Camouflage / Colour
Fabric specification
Cordura® 500D

Direct Action is a Polish manufacturer of tactical gear, founded in 2010. The company was established with the aim of providing exceptionally sturdy and durable equipment for specialists such as soldiers, police officers, firefighters, and emergency services personnel. Since the beginning, Direct Action has focused on providing the highest quality products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Direct Action offers a wide range of products, such as tactical vests, backpacks, bags, belts, gloves, protectors, medical equipment, jackets, pants, and many other accessories. All products are carefully designed and made from the best materials, ensuring reliability and durability even in the most demanding conditions.

Direct Action products are highly regarded among specialists from all over the world. The company regularly collaborates with special units and specialized police and military departments, allowing for constant improvement and refinement of its products. This collaboration enables Direct Action to tailor its products to specific user needs and ensure the highest quality and durability.

One of the most important elements that sets Direct Action apart from other tactical gear manufacturers is innovation. The company regularly introduces new technologies and materials to the market, which allow for even greater durability and reliability of its products. This gives users the confidence that Direct Action gear will serve them for many years, even in the toughest conditions.

Direct Action is also a company that cares about the environment. All products are made from environmentally friendly materials, and production is carried out with minimal impact on the natural environment. The company also engages in various charitable and social activities, which allows it to build a positive image and strengthen its position in the market.

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