Invader Gear Sniper Bolero Leaf - Everglade

Invader Gear Sniper Bolero Leaf - Everglade

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Sniper Bolero Leaf by Invader Gear is a minimalist camouflage netting, providing users with a high level of adjustability and comfort.

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Sniper Bolero Leaf by Invader Gear is a minimalist camouflage netting designed to improve camouflage properties and reduce weight. This outer layer garment, typically worn over the uniform and equipment, is made of lightweight yet durable material in a camouflaging pattern. In the base layer of the suit, there is a bolero-style cover with camouflage netting, to which leaf-shaped fabric pieces are attached. An adjustable buckle on the chest and integrated shock cords in the sleeves provide the user with a high level of adjustment and comfort. The spacious, skeletal hood is large enough to accommodate a helmet without restricting head movement. An elastic wire sewn into the hood's edge helps shape it appropriately, while numerous cords ensure proper adjustment. The built-in leaf mesh offers sufficient space for additional foliage and pieces of camouflage material. This Viper hood keeps your visibility under control, allowing you to blend perfectly into the environment on the airsoft field.

  • A short bolero-style cape with a hood
  • Camouflage trim made of cut-out artificial leaves
  • Wide sleeves
  • Checkered hems enable the attachment of other masking elements
  • Fastened at the front with one strap with a Fastex buckle
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Large, skeleton hood
  • Weight: 760 g
  • Material: Rip-Stop
  • Available colors: Partizan, Everglade, Flecktarn, Woodland
  • Product code: INVADERGEAR-111983
  • Producer: Invader Gear
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