JTG® Bloodtype Square Rubber Patch 3D AB Rh+

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Jackets to go® Bloodtype Square 3D velcro rubber patch with velcro fastening.


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JTG® rubber patch with Bloodtype Square 3D velcro. On the back there is a Velcro area that is sewn onto the patch. Thanks to this, it can be attached to any loop-shaped surface with Velcro fastening.

  • Contour in 3D optics
  • Fastened with Velcro
  • Size: 51 x 51 mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Blood group: 0/RH-, 0/RH+, A/RH-, A/RH+, B/RH-, B/RH+, AB/RH-, AB/RH+
  • Available colours: Forest, GID, Blackops
  • Product code: JTG-027
  • Producer: JTG®
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