M-Tac® Anonymous Patch - Black/GID

M-Tac® Anonymous Patch - Black/GID

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M-Tac Anonymous fluorescent patch attached with Velcro panel.


The Anonymous patch created by the M-TAC brand is the originals, an emblem emphasizing the individuality of the soldier's equipment, and at the same time telling about his life principles. There is a mask on the badge to emphasize anonymity and appear as a popular attribute during protests. The patch is made of high-quality Oxford material, resistant to abrasion and high stress. The patch is made of a phosphorescent material that glows in the dark. The patch can be attached to clothes, bags, backpacks or equipment with Velcro. The Anonymous patch will not only become a visible addition to your image.

  • Velcro panel
  • Dimensions: 55 x 70 mm
  • Material: Oxford
  • Available colors: Black
  • Product code: M-TAC-51313
  • Producer: M-Tac®

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Velcro panel

M-Tac - Your Advantage in Extreme Conditions!

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