M-Tac® Baba Yaga Patch Horizontal PVC - Full Color

M-Tac® Baba Yaga Patch Horizontal PVC - Full Color

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The Baba Yaga Horizontal Patch from M-Tac® is attached using a Velcro panel.


The Baba Yaga Horizontal Patch from M-Tac is an original emblem dedicated to UAV operators and their uncompromising night drones, effectively eliminating enemy equipment and workforce. Today, what used to be a childhood horror has become a nightly nightmare for the occupiers, who fear the Ukrainian UAV, giving it the nickname "Baba Yaga." The inspiration for the name comes from Slavic folklore, where Baba Yaga is an evil, old witch flying on a broomstick, hunting for the lost in the Waniek forest. During the war, occupiers refer to the Ukrainian night drones as "Baba Yaga," suggesting that the supernatural creature has switched sides, continuing its mission of destroying enemies under the yellow-blue flag. The M-Tac patch depicts a junior sergeant in the role of Baba Yaga, equipped with panoramic night vision goggles GPNVG-18 and PG-7M grenades, ready to drop them on the heads of the occupiers. Operating skillfully under the cover of night, avoiding enemy EW devices, and with the predatory growl of the beast, it signals the right moment to deliver a "valuable" gift precisely to the target. The patch is made of high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) using 3D technology, giving it a raised appearance and a highly realistic image. It attaches to clothing or equipment using sturdy Velcro, serving not only as a decoration but also as a symbol of effective combat against the enemy.

  • Velcro panel
  • Dimensions: 90 x 135 mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Available colors: Full Color
  • Product code: M-TAC-510011
  • Manufacturer: M-Tac®
Fabric specification

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