Nite Ize® Figure 9 Big - Aluminum - Black

Nite Ize® Figure 9 Big - Aluminum - Black

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The Nite Ize Figure 9 Big (F9B-03-01) makes tightening any line a stress-free task

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The Nite Ize Figure 9 Big (F9B-03-01). From tethering furniture to your vehicle to attaching boat bumpers and bundling lumber, this handy tool secures the biggest loads quickly and keeps tension where you need it. Loop your rope through its strategically designed prongs, pull it tight, and it stays that way.
A smart alternative to complicated cam-locking tensioning devices and bungee cords, the Big Figure 9 also controls the release of high tension, avoiding sudden and dangerous unloading.


5.13" x 2.70" x 0.45" | 130.38mm x 97.24mm x 11.52mm

Camouflage / Colour
Fabric specification
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Great little helper!
I have different figure 9 carabiners for tighten the ropes of my tarp. This one is really good for bigger ropes. It hold them perfect in place without any knots. Easy to install (manual on each one) and also really easy to remove. I totally recommend them!

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