GFC Tactical® Set of Future Knee Pads - Black

GFC Tactical® Set of Future Knee Pads - Black

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A set of ergonomic knee pads guarantees increased shock absorption upon impact.

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Mainly made of nylon, highly ergonomic knee pads. The protective shells are made of durable plastic and provide a high degree of protection against joint injuries. Due to their specific, conical shape, the distribution of forces at the moment of impact guarantees increased shock absorption. The shells are attached with rivets, making the whole set very durable. The knee pads are equipped with elastic carrying straps equipped with through plastic buckles, which significantly increases the comfort of their use. These buckles also act as fasteners for the carrying straps in the QD system, which allows easy putting on and taking off the pads without having to displace them.

The product does not constitute ballistic protection and does not have any other protective properties and is not intended to be used for protective purposes, including during tactical / war games / ASG. Using the product for ballistic protection and / or other protective purposes, including during tactical / war games / ASG, constitutes use of the product contrary to its intended purpose, in which case the buyer does so solely at his own risk.

The seller is not responsible for damage to the product resulting from the use of the product contrary to its intended use, this also applies to any possible health consequences of the user (buyer) or damage to property, and the product itself is not covered by the warranty.

The seller is liable to the buyer under the warranty for product defects (in the event of such defects) only if the buyer / user uses the product only for its intended purpose, i.e. for purposes other than protective purposes, including tactical / war games / ASG . The lack of any protective properties of the product is a feature and not a defect of the product and therefore does not constitute a physical defect of the product within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.

  • Material: Nylon, Plastic
  • Available colors: Black, Olive, Coyote
  • Product code: GFT-056
  • Producer: GFC Tactical®
Camouflage / Colour
Fabric specification
100% nylon
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