Bayonet® Assault Molle Tactical Belt 45mm D-Ring Cobra® 18kN - Ranger Green

Bayonet® Assault Molle Tactical Belt 45mm D-Ring Cobra® 18kN - Ranger Green

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Assault double-layer belt with 45mm molle cells with Cobra® 18kN D-ring buckle for combat applications, in particular for carrying weapons, pouches and accessories.


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Assault double-layer belt for combat applications, in particular for carrying weapons, pouches and accessories. Tested and used by members of the special forces of the Polish Armed Forces. The possibility of using an internal and external belt connected with Velcro stiffens the belt and prevents the belt from moving when removing the weapon from the holster and magazines from pouches. A sewn-on panel made of double-layer, glued Cordura® 500D with cells compatible with the molle system helps to organize and attach smaller pieces of equipment. Cordura® is rolled up on the edge to strengthen the structure, do not hang elements heavier than 1.5 kg per cell. We hang heavier items on the belt and lock them in the cells (e.g. pouches, heavy covers, canteens, etc.). We can hang lighter items in the cells (e.g. a tool, a light knife, etc.). The outer belt can be used alone or with a single-layer inner belt (BAY-BINH38), made of soft tape with Velcro and hooks sewn on the outside.

  • Two layers of tape, sewn 5x around the entire circumference, except for the length of the belt circumference adjustment,
  • Lined on the inside with Velcro tape, loops,
  • A panel made of double Cordura® 500D sewn on from the outside with cells in the molle system,
  • Adjustable end of the belt secured with Velcro,
  • Closed with AustriAlpin D-ring Cobra® Pro Style 18kN buckle
  • Adjustable waist circumference 15cm, available sizes: S (75-90cm), M (85-100cm), L (95-110cm), XL (105-120cm), XXL (115-130cm)
  • Available colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green
  • Product code: BAY-BASS45
  • Producer: Bayonet®
Camouflage / Colour
Ranger Green
Fabric specification
Main fastening
AustriAlpin D-ring Cobra® Pro Style 18kN buckle

Bayonet is a Polish manufacturer of belts and other accessories, using the best European and American materials. Bayonet is also an authorized distributor of the AustriAlpin brand, using patented COBRA® buckles in its proposals. The equipment offered by the company is a synonym of uncompromising quality. It is ideal for tactical and combat operations, as well as for demanding everyday use.

The designs of the best belts were created based on years of testing and checking many solutions. They use excellent durable tapes. Some of the strongest threads on the market and specially designed stitches are used for sewing with the use of specialist heavy-duty sewing machines. In addition to belts, Bayonet offers a range of related accessories to complement its offer.

Belts are primarily available in uniform colors with a uniform character. The buckles are matched to the tapes. Selected belt models are available with overlays that can have a chosen camouflage pattern. Among the proposals of the Bayonet brand, you can find:

Rigid tactical belts with Cobra buckles, double, with MOLLE cells

  • Combat belts with MOLLE overlays
  • Universal belts
  • Soft, undetectable belts for outdoor use
  • Pouches
  • Collars for defense dogs

The Polish company Bayonet constantly improves its products, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with selected specifications. It creates belts that meet the needs of professionals. Confirmation of the quality is the choice of Bayonet belts by the uniformed services of many countries.

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