Bollé Silex + Safety Glasses - Clear

Bollé Silex + Safety Glasses - Clear

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Bollé Silex + panoramic safety glasses with additional lens protection, in Clear color, provide 90% light transmission.

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Silex + panoramic safety glasses provide additional lens protection compared to the Silex model. Flexible temples in FLEX 160 ° technology, comfortably and perfectly adjust to the shape of the head. Contoured nose pads provide comfort for long-term wear. Lenses with an inner Anti-fog coating to prevent fogging, the outer side has an Anti-scratch coating to protect against minor mechanical damage and scratches. Without compromising on performance, comfort, style and affordability, SILEX + provides protection for all industries: construction, automotive, mining, manufacturing.

  • Panoramic field of view
  • FLEX 160 ° temples that adapt to all heads and reduce pressure points
  • PLATINUM coating: scratch-resistant and anti-fog
  • Strength class: FT
  • Frame strength class: FT
  • Filters: Clear lenses (2C-1.2, UV filter, protection class 1.2 to 6: visible light filtration), Smoke lenses: 5-3.1, UVA and UVB filters, protection class 1.2 to 6: visible light filtration , Copper lenses (5-1.4, sun filter, protection class 1.2 to 6: visible light filtration)
  • Standards: EN166 - EN172
  • Frame color: Blue / Yellow, Black / Yellow, Gray / Black
  • Lens color: Clear, Smoke, Copper
  • Product code: BOLLE-SILEX
  • Producer: Bollé
Camouflage / Colour
Strength Class
Mechanical risk - F
Mechanical risk - T
Optical Class
Lens coating
Lens color
Made of durable and flexible material (Nylon + TPR)
Frame color
Blue / Yellow
Light transmittance
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