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Tervel COMFORTLINE Men\'s short sleeve shirt (COM 1101) - Melange

Tervel COMFORTLINE Men\'s short sleeve shirt (COM 1101) - Melange

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COMFORTLINE Men's short sleeve shirt (COM 1101) of Tervel®. TERVEL ® COMFORTLINE is a line of thermoactive sports underwear made from SUPPLEX®.


COMFORTLINE Men's short sleeve shirt (COM 1101) of Tervel®. TERVEL ® COMFORTLINE is a line of thermoactive sports underwear made from SUPPLEX® yarn which regulates your body temperature during physical activity. The new advanced PUSH & PULL technology wicks moisture away from the skin (a difference in comparison to cotton) and leaves you feeling comfortably dry and warm. The PUSH & PULL technology is a unique combination of three fibres which separate moisture and transfer it to the outside, while the QUICK – DRY function dries the garment in no time.


The garment always fits your body perfectly, giving you maximum freedom of movement. It is exceptionally light, dynamic and elastic. Special structural weaves, such as thickened and reinforced zones as well as ventilation zones, support your muscles while you are moving. TERVEL ® COMFORTLINE is an excellent choice for all light to extreme physical activity.


TERVEL ® COMFORTLINE guarantees optimal protection in all weather conditions all year long. The ventilation system with its special zones called “gills” is an exceptionally effective solution for regulating moisture absorption in areas with higher perspiration.


Sport is more than just a physical effort: it is a lifestyle. You should not compromise when choosing sportswear: it should reflect and express the way you are feeling. TERVEL ® COMFORTLINE sports underwear offers high standards, innovation and elegance. The garment preserves its look, shape and unique properties even after regular wear and use.







65 - 71

32 - 39


166 - 180

82 - 98



71 - 77

39 - 44


180 - 196

98 - 112

Camouflage / Colour
Fabric specification
Supplex® : 95% Poliamid, 5% Elastan (Lycra)
More information
Flat seam
Ideal fitting
Muslce and joint support
Perfect finishing
Reinforced friction zomes
Thermo collar

Thermoactive clothing is functional equipment for athletes and physically active people. The high quality of performance of thermoactive products has an impact on its increasing popularity. The company Tervel is one of the leading manufacturers of thermoactive clothing recognized in the clothing industry.

Tervel - a manufacturer of thermoactive clothes

Thervel's thermoactive clothing is characterized by functionality and durability. It is influenced by high-quality production materials, resistant to stretching and the negative impact of repeated washing. Tervel is a recognized brand in the clothing industry that offers a wide range of thermoactive clothing, including tervel hats, tervel thermoactive socks, thermoactive thermoactive mens / womens tervel, thermoactive womens / mens tervel shirts (ie thermoactive thermoactive T-shirts Tervel and thermoactive T-shirts Tervel) and thermo-active trousers for women / men tervel. Offered products are available in a wide range of colors and in different cuts and patterns. The elastic material makes the tervel thermoactive underwear or tervel thermoactive leggins adhere to the user's body, which affects, among others, for effective moisture management. Tervel is a leading manufacturer of thermoactive clothing in the clothing industry.

Socks tervel - comfortable thermoactive underwear tervel

Tervel thermoactive underwear is characterized by durability and functionality. The product is available in a variety of camouflage, i.e. melange, black, navy blue and military. Tervel thermoactive boxer shorts are equipped with a thermal collar and a flat seam. In addition, the functionality of the product has been enriched with a support system for muscles and joints. Perfect finish and finish in friction zones improve comfort even during long-term intensive use. Tervel thermoactive boxer shorts are made of flexible materials (ie 95% polyamide and 5% elastane), thanks to which they easily adapt to the user's body. Thervel thermoactive socks have moisture-wicking properties, which affects the comfort of their use in various climatic conditions. In addition, they protect the foot from chafing and abrasion also during long use.

Professional thermoactive underwear men / women tervel

The offer of the company Tervel includes modern thermoactive underwear for women's tervel and functional thermoactive underwear for men tervel. Tervel thermoactive leggings and thermoactive gents for men / women tervel are products designed for running or increased effort. Their functionality is confirmed by the system of increased moisture evacuation and flat seams affecting the comfort of use. Tervel men's briefs and tervel thermoactive boxers are equipped with a thermal collar, flat seams, muscle and joint support, perfect finish and great workmanship. In addition, the tervel range offers functional tervel caps, thermoactive women / mens tervel thermoactive shirts and tervel thermoactive socks.

Thermoactive shirt for men / women tervel and thermoactive pants for men / women tervel - professional set of thermoactive clothes

The tervel clothing manufacturer has in its assortment thermoactive shirts for women / men tervel and thermoactive pants for women / men tervel. T-shirts for short-sleeve thermoactive tervel is a functional clothing made of yarn (including PROLEN SILTEX, SUPPLEX), which ensures proper wicking of moisture during increased effort. A wide selection of camouflage (including military / gray, black / light gray) and color schemes means that both the short-sleeved shirts and the Tervel thermoactive long-sleeved shirts will satisfy the most demanding customers. T-shirts and thermoactive women's / thermo-active trousers are characterized by flat seams, zones of increased moisture management, perfect finish and a perfect fit. In addition, tervel shirts are available in the offer of the company. sleeveless tights, in which a thermal collar and support of muscles and joints were applied. Selected models of long-sleeved shirts have a stop insect system.

Functional tervel caps

Tervel caps are functional products designed for training or increased effort. The products are available in various camouflages (including military, black, orange or red). Tervel caps have a flat seam, which increases the comfort of use. In addition, the elastic material (ie 95% polyamide and 5% elastane) makes the cap ideally suited to the user's head. Thermoactive properties affect very good moisture transport. Tervel caps are resistant to repeated washing, as a result of which they do not stretch and retain the original color for a long time of use.
The offered range of tervel company meets the highest requirements in terms of functionality and usability. High quality

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