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Spaio MEN's Boxers Shorts BMS 04 - White

Spaio MEN's Boxers Shorts BMS 04 - White

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MEN's Boxers Shorts BMS 04 of Spaio.


MEN's Boxers Shorts BMS 04 of Spaio. 

Comfortable underwear made of soft cotton. Helps maintain hygiene and freshness. Underwear adapts perfectly to the body and prevents chafing. Underwear is breathable so it provides a sense of lightness.

WEIGHT cm 172 - 178 178 - 184 184 - 190 190 - 196
inch 67,7 - 70,1 70,1 - 72,4 72,4 - 74,8 74,8 - 77,2
CHEST cm 88 - 94 94 - 100 100 - 106 106 - 112
inch 34,7 - 37,0 37,0 - 39,4 39,4 - 41,7 41,7 - 44,1
HIPS cm 84 - 88 88 - 92 92 - 96 96 - 100
inch 33,1 - 34,6 34,6 - 36,2 36,2 - 37,8 37,8 - 39,4


Discover the lightness of Dryarn, the lightest yarn exisiting in nature. This innovative polyolefin fibre is even lighter than water, on which it floats, and when compared to others of equal coverage, it gives garments a pleasant sense of lightness. It covers more than an equal weight of other fibres, both natural and synthetic, thus giving a higher yield. 

With Dryarn you can enjoy a warm and dry body and a delightful sense of well-being. Given its high surface tension, water, humidity and perspiration are drawn away from the fabric and are able to evaporate quickly or be absorbed by other compatible fibres such as cotton. It has a unique insulating power, even greater than wool, so is inclined to maintain the body’s natural temperature and protect from heat and cold.

No more bad odours after intense physical activity. Dryarn does not absorb stains, so they can be easily removed with an ordinary detergent. It is completely resistant to turpentine, acetone or other solvents that are often used to lake out greasy or stubborn stains such as nail varnish. It does not become electrostatic and does not attract atmospheric dust. It does not provoke any type of allergic reaction, therefore can also be used for medical dressings.

It is graze-resistant with performances comparable to nylon and much higher than other synthetic or natural fibres. It is not affected by the unsightly pilling caused by rubbing. It is more tear resistant compared to natural fibres and can be exposed to sun and heat for long periods without being affected in any way. Its colour fastness is remarkable – obtained with mass dyeing procedures –even after frequent washing, rubbing, immersion in sea water or on contact with high-concentration solvents.


Resistex Carbon is the first yarn composed of a special continuous filament of conductive material with an active carbon and cotton, polyester or nylon base. Resistex Carbon has numerous valuable characteristics that are absolutely beneficial for the human body: above all, it possesses an anti-static, dissipative effect that protects against electrical interference. Sometimes the human organism scarcely feels the effects of these natural phenomena while other times its presence is obvious: both electrostatic discharge (ESD) and discharge from electric over stress (EOS) have considerable effect on our well-being. In fact, it is important to know that the electric charges that settle on our body are responsible for numerous problems, such as, for example, the overheating of some parts that can be caused by tribo-electric effect, when fabric (especially if it is synthetic) rubs against the skin. This overheating can change normal blood circulation, causing unpleasant itching, pins and needles and a sense of fatigue. Laboratory tests and studies carried out on the use of Resistex Carbon have shown that not only is anti-static clothing comfortable, but it also prevents electric charges from settling on the body reacting negatively on muscular contraction, responsible for cramps and fatigue.

Thanks to its excellent anti-static characteristics, Resistex Carbon improves electrical efficiency, fostering blood circulation and, therefore, a better flow of oxygen to the cells. Through its excellent conductivity characteristics, it speeds up the movement of humidity through evaporation, increasing the sensation of well-being and decreasing the humidity that comes into contact with the skin. The particular structure of Resistex Carbon ensures that the characteristics mentioned above are not changed in the long term, since the continuous filament of conductive material guarantees efficacy even after numerous washes.

 Resistex® Silver

Advantages:Reflective power. Thanks to its exceptional conductivity, it disspates excess heat. Resistex® Silver is able to reduce the heat loss to its minimum as it reflects towards the skin (even 95%) its own energy. The winter articles of clothing containing Resistex® Silver fibres are much warmer than traditional ones. Moisture transfer. Resistex® Silver promotes natural moisture transfer through water-repellant materials just as the body does through evaporation. As a consequence, Resistex® Silver articles can eliminate moisture faster, make the technologia environment more comfortable and reduce the heat loss potential due to convection. It fights bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella Pneumonite Shelding. Resistex® Silver prevents body from absorbing static energy, electromagnetic fields and U.V. rays

Camouflage / Colour
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Dryan: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastan
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